Aleysa’s Gagarina. Part 4.

Aleysa’s Disgrace

I hurt.  I hurt everywhere, but most especially my heart hurt.  Yes, Tommy took my virginity on camera, but I was an epic failure.  I was not able to give Tommy pleasure.  And that hurt me more than it hurt me when Tommy entered my virgin pussy.  Shit!  I’ve never felt such pain before.  And you know that crap about how the pain will turn into pleasure?


Didn’t happen.  Nothing but pain.  Every time he started to pull out, I’d feel relief that this ordeal was over.  But then he’d push back in.  In and out; over and over, each movement more painful than the last.  But he was kind and didn’t force me to orgasm or continue any longer than it took for him to come inside me.  I felt his warm ejaculate coat my tender and swollen pussy walls and reveled in the feel of his sliding out of me and down my legs.

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Alesya Gagarina. Loosing of virginity. Part Three.

Aleysa, Part Three.


When the lights went on and the camera started filming, everything seemed to disappear.  It was nothing short of magical.


Here I was, ready to be deflowered by this extremely handsome man.  I knew he was quite a bit older than I, but his heart, it was his heart that beat young.  I could tell from his warm eyes that he revered this occasion in my life as if he respected the task I had accepted.  My heart continued to war with my senses knowing that this was the only option I had to save my family.  I could not return to my home a failure, yet for me to lose my virginity in this manner was a personal failure.  My parents would not approve of what I was going to do.  My heart beat fast, partially from Tommy’s heated gaze and partially from the sacrifice that I was to make.

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Alesya Gagarina, part two..

When I woke the next morning, my heart had been lighter than it had been in a long time.  I had a job and I had a plan.  Certainly it was not the most conventional plan there was, but it would provide for our family and remove a lot of the stress that my father’s illness had left us with.  I could not wait for the day that I could tell my parents that they need not worry about my father having to return to work when he was to ill to do so.  Of course, I could not be entirely honest with them about the work I was doing and that bothered me a little, but if I could go to University, too, then I could get a job that I could tell them about.  I did not think that they would be embarrassed by my actions, rather I knew that it would bother them that I felt that I had to do something so drastic with my body in order to support them.

When I finished my shift at the cafe I arrived promptly at the office of my agent.  We had barely exchanged pleasantries when I blurted out that I wanted to sell my virginity to Tommy and could he arrange it. My agent was a little shocked that I had jumped from being shy about posing nude for pictures to demands that I sell my innocence, but he agreed and said he new of Tommy’s studio and would make all the arrangements.

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Alesya Gagarina, part one..

Hello, My name is Aleysa and this is my virgin secret.

I grew up with my small family of just my mother, my father and I in a small town just outside of St. Petersburg.  We were close enough to be able to easily venture into town and enjoy the culture that such a city afforded, but we were far enough that we did not have a large tourist trade and everyone knew everybody.


Until recently, I never realized how poor our family was.  We attended many cultural events in the big city such as the ballet and the symphony and we traveled to museums and enjoyed the fine art and history of them.  We never travelled very far, nor did we travel overnight and so I never felt that we were at a loss.

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Mirella Csikis. Losing of virginity.

Mirella’s StoryPart 2

BeforeI left the studios, the producer gave me several DVD’s of videos that he had produced of Tommy taking the virginity of other models. He told me to study them and to recognize the format that the taking of my virginity would follow.


I was not new to watching porn, there are very few girls my age who have not watched porn. My girlfriends and I tease them and call them losers and mock them. But, I had never seen a Thomas Stone video where he took a girl’s virginity.

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Mirella Csikis

Hello, My name is Mirella and I am just 18. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a model.


I would dress up in my mother’s gowns and pretend I was in a
beauty pageant, complete with flowers I had picked from the garden and a tiara that was once part of a child’s costume. I pictured in my mind walking down that runway to take my award. I perfected that pageant walk and that pageant wave and of course, I was most talented at blowing kisses to my adoring fans.
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Anka Minetchica. Part 2.

Later that evening, the waiter returned to my room. I was still horny, even though I had been masturbating repeatedly all evening. I was intoxicated by my orgasms and the memory of the high blush that appeared on the photographer’s face as I noticed his impressive erection growing just made everything so intense and so wonderful. I’d finish fingering myself, careful not to let a finger slip in, and then I’d think about the photographer again and of being taken by Tommy in the morning, and well, I just couldn’t stop myself. So, by the time the waiter returned, the room still smelled of sex and I was still ready to go!

The waiter was a really good kisser and I enjoyed that closeness that was missing from my solo actions and his wicked tongue brought me to orgasm several times before I took hold of his beautiful dick and had the snack of a lifetime. His cum was thick and substantial and yet, all I could really think about was having Tommy’s dick in the upcoming hours. The waiter spent the night and we took a shower together before I left for the studios at and my virginity loss video was shot. He agreed to meet me back at the hotel later that night for then, and only then, would he be welcome to plunge himself deep into my teenage, no longer virgin, pussy.

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Anka Minetchica. Part 1.

Hello, My name is Anka and I am a young girl from Russia. One of my girlfriends told me that when I turned 18, she knew of this producer I could approach and he would help me enter the career as a porn star.


My friend, who is a little bit older than I, told me of how this man would first film a solo video of me and my virgin hymen and then a few weeks later he would have a porn star take my prized virginity and then submit my video to other producers and I could become a porn star.

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Matilda Oj! Part Three

Well, this is the final installment of my story and sadly, the end of my time with Renato. I worked very hard to make this fantasy of mine come true and suffered a lot of pain in the surgery, but it was all worth it.


When I first me him, knowing what I had done to get there, I blushed and was struck with shyness I had never experienced before.  He was gentle with me and kind, just as I had fantasized about him the last few years.  He held me close to comfort me and yet, my excitement did not abate, but my fear of the pain did disappear.  I lived through it once in a dark alleyway with a shit who didn’t give a damn about me, I could live through it again with a man I had secretly desired and loved from afar.
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Part Two of Matilda’s story

I left the studios at broken hearted because I was not a virgin and there policy is to only film virgins. If I could only turn back time to that horrible night when a stranger shoved his dick up my cunt and came all over me before I even had a chance to register pain or pleasure. It was very disappointing and except for my Renato like vibrating dildo, I’d never had sex again. And now it seemed like I would never get the chance for Renato to make love to me. It felt like for me, my life was over. I watched his movies so many times that I began to imagine how his lips would feel against mine and the suction his lips would create as they sucked me to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.


I was becoming more obsessed as the days went on and then I came across an American Television Show about real American Housewives and their

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