Alesya Gagarina, part two..

When I woke the next morning, my heart had been lighter than it had been in a long time.  I had a job and I had a plan.  Certainly it was not the most conventional plan there was, but it would provide for our family and remove a lot of the stress that my father’s illness had left us with.  I could not wait for the day that I could tell my parents that they need not worry about my father having to return to work when he was to ill to do so.  Of course, I could not be entirely honest with them about the work I was doing and that bothered me a little, but if I could go to University, too, then I could get a job that I could tell them about.  I did not think that they would be embarrassed by my actions, rather I knew that it would bother them that I felt that I had to do something so drastic with my body in order to support them.

When I finished my shift at the cafe I arrived promptly at the office of my agent.  We had barely exchanged pleasantries when I blurted out that I wanted to sell my virginity to Tommy and could he arrange it. My agent was a little shocked that I had jumped from being shy about posing nude for pictures to demands that I sell my innocence, but he agreed and said he new of Tommy’s studio and would make all the arrangements.

So that was how, shortly after my 18th birthday, I ended up on a plane headed for Budapest to sell my virginity in front of the cameras.

I did not waste time once I arrived in Budapest.  I could rest and explore this beautiful city later; right now, I had an appointment with the photographer and the producer and before I lost my courage, I needed to put this behind me.  Part of me was afraid that I would lack the courage to take my clothes off for strange men and part of me was afraid that they would not want me.  My agent said I was beautiful, but I was not sophisticated like the other girls my age.  I did not own fancy panties, I didn’t even own a bra!  I could not afford makeup or special perfumes and I had absolutely no experience with boys, much less an experienced professional like Tommy; and when I remembered the size of his penis and how it scared the other girls, I almost turned around and went back from where I came.  But my failure to see this to its conclusion would cause many more problems than a temporary amount of embarrassment and a little bit of pain would, so as I timidly knocked on the door, I took a deep breath and; well, this certainly was not what I had expected.

The producer and photographer, Sergey greeted me at the door.  He had a nice smile and a firm handshake.  I immediately felt comfortable with him.  In fact, I felt so comfortable that as soon as I walked in, I kicked off the pair of designer shoes that my agent had given me to wear.  The heels were too high to begin with and I walked from the station to the studio in order to save money.  I had not even checked into the hotel that had been arranged for my stay, so my burden of my case and those high heels were too much to take.  Sergey greeted me so warmly, kicking off my shoes not only seemed the right thing to do, but it also seemed accepted.gagarina11


Sergey introduced me to Tommy. translating between us and then sent Tommy on his way.  Tommy was just as gracious as Sergey was and he was even better looking in person.  His eyes twinkled with mischief and his smile was large and genuine.  For a split moment, all doubt as to what I was about to do escaped my mind.

Sergey introduced me to the makeup artist and had me take all of my clothes off so she could properly prepare me.  At first, I was a little shy to remove my clothes so quickly for two people I had never met before, but the artist handed me a pretty silk robe and then she set about to examine me.  She was quite and intent on inspecting every inch of me, including my freshly shaved pussy like I had seen in the other videos.  I guess I did not do as good a job as I should have because she reached for the razor and came charging at my pussy.  “Wait,” Sergey exclaimed, “leave it be, it is more natural that way.  She needs to be natural, she is so beautiful, too much will detract from her!”  The artist sighed and sent me to the shower with a scrub of scented salts and oils and she instructed me to scrub every inch of my skin and to wash my hair.


When I had finished, my skin felt raw and even with the air conditioning in the studio I was melting from the heat.  I had grown up without the use of air conditioning, but it was not this hot where I had lived all my life.  I was not prepared for such heat, especially when I was not wearing a stitch of clothing!

She gave my hair a very slight trim and as she patiently blew my hair dry, I saw body and volume appearing where my hair had been previously straight as a ruler.  When my hair was done, there were waves in it and it shined as I had never seen it shine before ! I asked her for the name of the products she used and as soon as I could afford the expense, I was going to buy some, but of course, just for special occasions.  I may be making good money for this job, but I still needed that money to cover all of our needs, including school and right now, hair care products were a luxury that was not yet budgeted for.

She used very little makeup on my face, but she massaged in great amount of beautiful smelling body butter as she called it.  It made my skin soft and smooth, and she said it was very expensive and made from the finest of oils and tinctures of fragrance.  I did not have the heart to tell her that the perfumed oil my mother made from the petals in her garden were far more exotic than her expensive body butter, but instead I kept my mouth shut and vowed to someday send her some oil made from the flowers of my garden.

Sergey came to me and asked me if I was ready and I told him that I was.  As I stood to put my dress back on I saw myself in the mirror for the first time.  I barely recognized myself!  My body was flawless and my hair shined as the sun.  My eyes appeared large and I was no longer a girl looking in a mirror, I had the countenance of a beautiful woman and as I walked onto the set, I did so with a confidence I had never felt before.


Sergey had me sit down in a beautiful chair and I nervously clutched my hands together.  He said we were just going to talk for a while and that is what we did, we talked.  It was easy to talk to him and his voice was calm and his eyes and face kind and respectful.  Soon, he asked me to show him my panties and I was wearing my very best pair of white panties with polka dots and a picture of Elmo and his bear  on the front.  I was a little bit embarrassed at the juvenile panties I wore, they were certainly not the beautiful lacy thongs I had seen other girls wear, in fact, I was a little disappointed because I had thought he  would have given me special underwear specifically designed to turn on Tommy.  So, not thinking that I would be wearing my own panties, I just brought my favorite pairs.  Sergey seemed pleased with what I was wearing so I relaxed a little bit.

Before I knew it, my dress had come off and my panties had been tossed aside.  Sergey was positioning me and taking very personal and close picture of my pussy and when he asked me to sit down, spread my legs and then hold open my pussy lips with my fingers, I though I was going to die of embarrassment, but with his encouragement, I survived and we continued.

At one point he asked me to touch myself and he wanted to see how I could bring myself to orgasm.  I didn’t want to see so naive, so I did as I had seen one of the other girls in the videos do.  The feelings that were new to me were making it even hotter than it was and I was quite uncomfortable.  At one point I think he realized how uncomfortable I was physically and emotionally, so he moved on to taking more pictures in different positions on the chair.  The chair and the positions were both uncomfortable and nothing seemed as glamorous as what I had seen in the videos.  Then he told me about the different positions that Tommy might take my innocence in, including the doggy position.  They all sounded strange to me, but I complied and soon we were finished.

Sergey told me that Tommy would be returning in two hours to film the loss of my innocence and he told me that I should get dressed and make myself comfortable.  So, tired from my day of traveling and nervous as to what was coming, I barely made it to the bed.  Sergey left me to be on my own and I appreciated the quiet time I had to reflect on this momentous occasion

I was ready to sell my innocence and have sex with a man I barely knew.  I know that my parents would not have wanted me to lose my virginity in this manner, but from what I had heard from other girls, I most likely would not have much control over when or how I lost it.  In fact, I was led to believe from their gossip that the first time for them was painful and clumsy and not at all about them, but more about the boy getting off on popping their cherries.  At least in this manner, I had some control over the situation and instead of a bad memory of a quick time with a clumsy boy, I would be paid enough money to secure my family’s future and to relieve a lot of stress that had been hanging over their heads.

Still, even with such rationalization, I was still going to lose my innocence to a stranger  and it would be available for all the world to see.  I sat still on that bed for who knows how long, contemplating what was happening because, regardless of how it was happening, I was still losing my virginity and this was a solemn and momentous occasion.  I barely felt the mattress dip from the weight of Tommy.  He took my chin in his hand and lifted my face so that I could see him.  He did not say much as his Russian was as limited as my Hungarian, but his eyes explored my face and captivated my eyes.  He slowly closed his eyes, those long lashes fluttering against his checks and he gently kissed me on my lips, softly once, twice and then again.  He pulled back and opened his eyes as I opened mine and our eyes held each other until Sergey walked in and proclaimed, “Let’s shoot this thing and make you a star Aleysa!”

In that moment, all trepidation disappeared.  Surely I was nervous, but I knew that I had made the right decision and that Tommy would treat me well.  I was afraid of the pain as is any girl who is about to lose her virginity, but I focused on the real reason I was here and as the lights came on and the camera began to capture our action and everything disappeared.  There was no Sergey, there were no bright lights; the camera did not exist; the furniture disappeared and all that was left were two people who were going to make love to each other.




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