Amelie Loren, Losing of virginity

Right after my solo shooting I got invited to lose my virginity here as well! That’s because I’m looking so crazy hot!

The first shooting went very well and then we agreed on shootings in many different locations including a swimming pool in the most beautiful villa ever! It was located on the borders of Budapest, and the trip there was very intriguing and then I saw how the big gates were opening and my driver drove me in and it felt like I was in a dream. It was most definitely a very new and interesting experience for me! After all these shootings while I was still a virgin, I decided to accept the invitation to lose my virginity, but only with the most famous and known pornstar in the world. His name was Thomas Stone. Alone the name, once you hear it, you can get wet from it! Believe me, I did! I saw all the movies with him, as I was granted a free access to their website before my shooting, to chose which guy I wanna do it with. It didn’t take me long to say my answer. Tommy agreed really fast too. Once the day came and I arrived, I had the best make-up artist to come in and prepare me, also the producer brought me very beautiful clothes to wear. Then he came in, undressed and went to take a shower, I was gone in my mind by then… he came out of the shower, got also dressed, spoke to the producer, and couldn’t get his eye sight of of me. It was time for us to seat down on the bed and start to conversation, he surprised me with a very good English knowledge and that turned me on even more. I told him I never saw a dick before, only in the movies and did not tell him, that he was in those movies… We began kissing and he was touching my body.. My whole body was shimmering and I was closing my eyes and it was like a dream come true for me! The sex went well, and I’m not a virgin anymore, all thanks to him. My career hasn’t ended there. Later next year, I was getting more and more into shootings, but nothing compares to