Hi! My name is Silvia. I’m 18 and I’m still a virgin. I came to my first casting because I finally want to get my first real sex experience.

Everything that I had before I find not serious at all and inferior too. When I was studying at school, one guy transferred from another school to my school. I was 11 years old then, and he was two years older. The first time I saw him, I fell in love with him. It was true love at first sight. We began to communicate, it even seemed to me that he liked me too. But then, a few months later, I found out that he started dating another girl from a parallel class. I was familiar with her, she was really very beautiful. She had long chestnut hair and large green eyes. I was very sad at that time. I wanted him to finally realise I was better. I wanted him to kiss me%%READMORE%%, not her. I wanted him to hug me, not her. I lived in a small town, where everyone knew each other. Gossip and rumours also could spread very quickly. No matter who I communicate with, no matter what company I get into – I somehow constantly heard his name somewhere and from someone. Someone always said something about him and his girlfriend. No one, of course, knew that I still love him very much. But every time I heard his name, everything was squeezing inside me and I wanted to scream and cry. Once it happened that we were skipping school together. It was winter. It was snowing. We went to his house to wait for the end of the class and I could go home. We were watching a movie about gangsters and eating chocolate cookies. And suddenly he turned to me, took me by the chin with one hand and pulled me to him. So he kissed my lips for the first time in my life. Not just kissed, but I kissed with my first love. At that moment, I thought that since he was kissing me, he didn’t love his girlfriend that much. Time was going. It’s been three years since we met. In high school, I moved to another school that was closer to my house. At that time, we practically did not communicate. He kept dating that girl. A few weeks after the start of the new school year, he wrote me a message. In this message, he asked why I moved to another school. I was very surprised that he noticed it at all. So we started communicating again. We started seeing each other more often. Often were seeing each other after school. Often were skipping school together. We were coming either to my place or to his house. During the class, neither my nor his parents were home. He taught me how to smoke. I drank alcohol with him for the first time and even got drunk. When I finished school, he was already at university, living in his own apartment and driving. He had a big white car with leather seats. I loved it when he was coming to my house late in the evening and we were just driving around the city aimlessly. Sometimes we were taking food in fast foods and were eating right in the car. And we also were kissing a lot, a lot. One day we also were kissing in his car at night. His hand was laying on my knee. Then I felt his hand slowly rising. He touched my pussy. I flinched, but I didn’t remove his hand. I liked that feeling. He kept kissing me and stroking my pussy at the same time. A nice shake ran all over my body, I was as good as I’ve never been before. His warm palm slid under my panties, which were already completely wet. I felt his fingers right there, he was doing something beautiful there, it was a cool feeling. I wanted him to never stop. Then I experienced my first orgasm in my life. My breath lost and I couldn’t breathe. He smiled smugly and unzipped his belt on his jeans. So I learned to suck a dick. It was my first and invaluable experience. He told me to take his dick in my mouth and suck. That’s what I did. He put his hand on my head and pinned me firmly so that I began to lack air. Then he let me free, gave me a breath and said I was a good girl. Then he put his dick in my mouth again. He put my hair in his fist and began to fuck me quickly in the mouth until he was done. This was my first and currently the only sexual experience. By the way, after, I graduated from school and went to continue my studies in another city. We never saw each other again. And the hell with him. Today I will part with my virginity and regret nothing about it.