Koza Dereza. I am virgin girl..

I am Koza Dereza.

I have learnt long ago not to show any emotion on my face. There are many who tell me I look too cold but believe me i am not. My true friends know me for who I am. Life has been tough for me and I survived. I am a survivor and I know what I want in life. There is a heart full of dreams and love beating inside me. But I do not ask for anything lying down. If I need to work hard, I will 

I am from a town near Moscow. When i was three, our parents went on a vacation leaving me and my brother, Lenin, with our grandmother. The day they were to arrive, i was awakened at 3 am by the sobs of my brother.

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Jeniffer Lorentz. My virgin casting..

Hey, I am Jennifer.

I am still excited after this morning’s shoot at the defloration studio. This was the most wonderful that has happened to me after a long time. I work as a store assistant in a designer boutique in St Petersburg, showing pretty dresses to beautiful women and their daughter from rich families. I earn quite enough for myself but I have big dreams. I love good clothes and I love to pose.

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