Koza Dereza. I am virgin girl…

I am Koza.

I have learnt long ago not to show any emotion on my face. There are many who tell me I look too cold but believe me i am not. My true friends know me for who I am. Life has been tough for me and I survived. I am a survivor and I know what I want in life. There is a heart full of dreams and love beating inside me. But I do not ask for anything lying down. If I need to work hard, I will.

I am from a town near Moscow. When i was three, our parents went on a vacation leaving me and my brother, Lenin, with our grandmother. The day they were to arrive, i was awakened at 3 am by the sobs of my brother. Our parents had died in a plane crash. I do not remember anything now but I can still feel the pain. I wanted my father’s arms around me… my mother to sing me to sleep. My grandmother was extremely kind but she did not fill this gap completely. We had no one else and the three of us clung to each other. We moved into our grandmother’s home. It was only later that I got to know that my father had left nothing except our home in Moscow which was let out. They were young, they had all the time in their life.
At 11, the second tragedy happened. My grandmother died. My brother became my legal guardian as he had turned 18. Suddenly from being protected, i became the care giver. I was the one who cooked, who cleaned the house. I was going to school but the rest of the time was spent looking after my brother. The rent money of our Moscow home has become quite a nice eggs’ nest and brother could continue going to the University. I saw him smoking more and more, he started drinking and soon, he was bringing in a steady stream of girlfriends into the house. There was always a party at home and I was the one who was cooking or clearing up the mess afterwards.
It was the day after I turned a teenager that he turned up a bit drunk with his latest girlfriend. Kozu, he shouted, get us some stuff to eat. I quickly rustled up some bline and warmed up some borscht and took them up to his room on a tray. I remember every detail. I set the tray down on the floor to open the door and saw it was already open. My brother had his pants down to his knees. His dick was erect and straight. The girl was half undressed and Lenin caught her hair and pulled her towards him. I was shocked to see that he made her take his huge cock into her mouth. OMG! As she started sucking it and moaning and pulling in and out, I felt myself wet in between my thighs. I removed my pants and I touched myself for the first time. Sitting down on the floor beside the door, I touched my virgin vagina for the first time. My tiny teenage tits were tight.
As my brother thrust himself in and out with one hand clasped over her hair, she was very aroused and absolutely the same can be said for me. I did not know what they were doing but it fascinated me. And then, suddenly, my brother came into her mouth. There was white milky substance running down her mouth. My fingers moved faster and faster and I too came for the first time in my life.
My brother never came to know that I saw it all but this incident changed my life. It made me bolder and much more mature beyond my years. I gave myself pleasure whenever I felt lonely or depressed but it was oral sex that most fascinated and aroused me. As I masturbated, I would imagine sucking on a huge dick, and as I climaxed would feel the cum running down my mouth. I am so obsessed with my fantasy that I sometimes keep a tin of condensed milk beside me and pretend that I am licking the white milky serum. Might sound weird to many but for me it is a delightful arousing dream.
As I am now 18 and have my heart and mind set on becoming a model, I wrote to defloration.com. This is where I want to come in front of the camera, something that I can look at later when I am no longer a virgin. I want to walk down runways, confident, showing off beautiful clothes. I am sure I will be a success but before that this is something I wanted to share with all of you. I thank producer and I thank defloration.com for the giving me this chance.