Dear Curious Virgin

I am 18 years old and am still a virgin, which not many girls my age are virgins anymore. I started watching your videos so I can know what to expect my first time having sex. I’ve never done anything, not even kissing. I’ve always been too nervous to try anything but now I feel like I need to learn. The hard part is finding a guy who knows exactly what he is doing and is comforting. I feel embarrassed when a guy asks me “what’s the most I’ve done” because I always have to say “nothing”. I love reading the blogs on here and I really hope I am as lucky as the girls who lost their virginity to you because it is something that I want to enjoy and be good at. Do you have any tips?


  • Dear Curious Virgin,

I am so happy that you posed your question here at, home of The Virgin Whisperer.

I know that I join you and thousands of other girls who wish that their first experience would have been or will be as good as what Tommy Stone does for our virgin girls.

I lost my virginity many years ago to my virgin boyfriend whom I had grown up with. And even though we were both virgins, we had been doing research for a long time about it, so we sort of had some idea of what we were going to do; but we were still goofy teenagers who fumbled around in the back seat of a car and like millions of lovers before us and million of lovers after us, the first time has rarely been the best time and that statement is not exactly reserved just for when you lose your virginity.

The instant “shook my world on its axis” you read about in erotic romance novels is a fantasy; for virgins and experienced lovers. Though I have experienced a lover who would have knocked my socks off, had I been wearing socks, but had at least knocked my glasses off. He is without a doubt most likely the best lover I have had or will ever have; but lovers are a unique breed that come in all shapes and sizes and with as many different talents as there are lovers.

So, what tips can I give you?

Well, first, be patient. Virginity comes in all shapes and sizes and in all ages. I may sound like your mother when I say that just because all of your friends are doing it, it doesn’t mean you have to be doing it! There is no right or wrong time to lose your virginity and you certainly don’t need to chase after losing your virginity because you think it is time to lose it or if you feel that you are the oldest living virgin; trust me, there are millions of virgins who are older than you.

Second, you only get to lose your virginity once; well except in the case of our Reborn virgin, Matilda Oj who went through too much just to be able to fuck one of our studs, Renato, but still, it will only happen once in your life, so make it count.

To make it count; make sure the guy you lose your virginity to is worth losing your virginity to. He doesn’t need to be the love of your life but doing it with a random guy will mean just a random fuck to him and you are worth so much more than that. So, at least have some sort of relationship with him to begin with so that at the very least his taking your virginity means something more than just a tight pussy to conquer.

If a guy is so curious as to how far you’ve gone before, I’d saucily reply that I’d happily share my little bag of tricks with him and add somewhere more appropriate than here because if you are talking sex in a bar or sex in the car, that is where you will end up having sex and again, you deserve so much more than a bar fuck or a car fuck when losing your virginity or even when having regular sex; though I can from experience attest to how good sex can be in the most unusual of places, like dressing rooms or on desktops or parking far off the road on a moonless summer night with a canopy of stars as a blanket and summer bugs as your witness.

Losing your virginity is your party and whomever the lucky guy is whom you choose to give your virginity to, should respect that and the way in which you want to lose your virginity; you may choose to set up a big seduction scene or perhaps you want it quick and fast to get it over with followed by some sensuous fucking once the deed is done.

And with it being your party, your partner should make sure that there is enough foreplay to sufficiently lubricate you (including the use of lube just in case you are so stressed out that your body is too nervous to supply you with your own natural lubrication) and you should be treated to at least two orgasms before you are penetrated; those orgasms will make it much easier to tolerate any pain you may feel and if you don’t experience any pain, good for you! There is no hard and fast rule as to how much pain you may experience or how much you will bleed; as many virgins there are in this world, there are as many variations between the pain experienced or the blood to be had. It is not a one size fits all and if your friends are all talking about how much pain there is or how copious their blood flow was, the truth of the situation is probably that they are still virgins, too.

Please don’t make the mistake of feeling as if you must marry the man who took your virginity unless of course, he is “the one”. There are many former virgins out there who have settled for what they needed instead of waiting for what they want. Our society is so quick to make single women (and men) feel as if they must be married to be happy. Or to portray those singles who refuse to settle as something less than optimal. It is quite easy to be happy single as it is to be unhappy married. You don’t even need a spouse to have children, so make your choices in life carefully; choices that will bring you happiness and peace; just don’t get caught into making choices that other people think you should make or society dictates that are normal and expected and that advice goes for losing your virginity and just about every other decision in your life.

Even though losing your virginity only happens once; you do get a lifetime of first times. With each new lover you take, you get a first kiss. That first time your lips meet each other’s and how his tongue slides along your upper lip as he tries to gain entrance into your mouth and how he pulls you closer as he deepens his kiss. The first taste you get of his breath and how warm it feels on your face; how he angles his head and brings yours to meet his kiss as he runs his fingers through your hair and how when it’s really, really good your entire body feels that kiss right down to your core and if it’s really good for him, too, how your kiss goes directly to his dick.

You also get the first time he looks at you, his eyes half lidded with lust; it’s a look you don’t always get to see with lovers, so treasure that first look of lust as it’s rare, exciting ad oh so very titillating.

You also get the first feel of his hands as he caresses your tits and rolls your nipples between his fingers as he draws them into points his hot, wet mouth can latch onto and suck. And you also get the first feeling of loss when he removes his mouth from your tits to kiss you again and this new sensation you are feeling makes the kiss short circuit your brain and you just begin to feel everything.

With each new lover you take you will have a new memory of how his cock feels in your hands. Is it hot and heavy like my lover’s cock is, full of pulsating veins and a thick lush head that leaks large droplets of pre-cum in anticipation of me taking him in my mouth? Or the feel of his soft curls as they tickle my nose while I deeply inhale the unique muskiness reserved only for him? Or is it an entirely different sensation that is as unique as your lover?

You also get to enjoy another sensation that is unique with each lover as his tongue flicks over your engorged pussy lips for the first time as he sucks into his mouth your hardened nub while he uses his fingers inside and outside to bring you pleasure like you have never experienced before.

Finally, the very best first time you will get to enjoy with each new lover is when his cock enters your welcoming pussy the very first time. Will he easily glide right in with one thrust that fills your pussy or will he take his time, torturing you with each and every glorious inch as his hot throbbing cock slowly enters you until his cock head makes his insistent acquaintance with your cervix? Will you both come together in I one glorious climax that triggers smaller climaxes until you both collapse lifeless on the bed, all neural connections fried as you desperately try catch your breath and regain enough composure to admit that having sex together was a fucking good idea that should be repeated frequently? Or will it be an awkward start to a relationship that will continue to grow as you work together to discover what pleases each of you; knowing that while the beginning might be awkward, the future is worth learning more about each other because practice makes perfect and working towards it makes every fumble worth while. Or will it be a moment of discovery that your lover may be too selfish about his needs neglecting your own? Every lover deserves more than one fuck; sometimes performance anxiety can affect both lovers and it may take a few times for two lovers to reach a point where everything clicks. of course there are the very rare occasions where you just have to say “No, Thank you, but just no.”

Regardless of how you lose your virginity; whether it was the fulfillment of all your fantasies or just a fuck to get it over with, don’t worry, your life will be full of many magical firsts with new lovers as you journey towards what will become your happily ever after and your friends here at will be cheering for you all along the way. I, particularly wish you a very special life full of many magical firsts.