Marfa Piroshka

My name is Marfa and I was a virgin. But, here’s the thing; I’m married. Yes, married. And, yes, still a virgin.


At my 18 birthday party there was a lot of drinking. My father had invited some of his friends as well as many of my friends. We had good food, good music, lots of dancing and my friends were very generous with their gifts to me. The party lasted many hours and it seemed as if every man at the party wanted to get into my pants.

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Franchesca Loses Her Virginity

Fan Mail:

Dear Franchesca,

I know you were once a virgin, too.  Would you share your story with us, too?

Luz (from Brazil)

Dear Luz,

I shall be happy to share with you my virgin secret, but I have also had a request as to tell the story of the best sex of my life from a fan in India.  Sadly, they are not the same story, but I am sure you will enjoy them both.

Franchesca Loses Her Virginity

The loss of my virginity came more from necessity than it did from anything romantic.  I had grown up with my boyfriend David as his father was in charge of my father’s security detail.

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Aleysa’s Gagarina. Part 4.

Aleysa’s Disgrace

I hurt.  I hurt everywhere, but most especially my heart hurt.  Yes, Tommy took my virginity on camera, but I was an epic failure.  I was not able to give Tommy pleasure.  And that hurt me more than it hurt me when Tommy entered my virgin pussy.  Shit!  I’ve never felt such pain before.  And you know that crap about how the pain will turn into pleasure?


Didn’t happen.  Nothing but pain.  Every time he started to pull out, I’d feel relief that this ordeal was over.  But then he’d push back in.  In and out; over and over, each movement more painful than the last.  But he was kind and didn’t force me to orgasm or continue any longer than it took for him to come inside me.  I felt his warm ejaculate coat my tender and swollen pussy walls and reveled in the feel of his sliding out of me and down my legs.

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