Anka Minetchica. Part 2.

Later that evening, the waiter returned to my room. I was still horny, even though I had been masturbating repeatedly all evening. I was intoxicated by my orgasms and the memory of the high blush that appeared on the photographer’s face as I noticed his impressive erection growing just made everything so intense and so wonderful. I’d finish fingering myself, careful not to let a finger slip in, and then I’d think about the photographer again and of being taken by Tommy in the morning, and well, I just couldn’t stop myself. So, by the time the waiter returned, the room still smelled of sex and I was still ready to go!

The waiter was a really good kisser and I enjoyed that closeness that was missing from my solo actions and his wicked tongue brought me to orgasm several times before I took hold of his beautiful dick and had the snack of a lifetime. His cum was thick and substantial and yet, all I could really think about was having Tommy’s dick in the upcoming hours. The waiter spent the night and we took a shower together before I left for the studios at and my virginity loss video was shot. He agreed to meet me back at the hotel later that night for then, and only then, would he be welcome to plunge himself deep into my teenage, no longer virgin, pussy.

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Anka Minetchica. Part 1.

Hello, My name is Anka and I am a young girl from Russia. One of my girlfriends told me that when I turned 18, she knew of this producer I could approach and he would help me enter the career as a porn star.


My friend, who is a little bit older than I, told me of how this man would first film a solo video of me and my virgin hymen and then a few weeks later he would have a porn star take my prized virginity and then submit my video to other producers and I could become a porn star.

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