Anka Minetchica. Part 2.

Later that evening, the waiter returned to my room. I was still horny, even though I had been masturbating repeatedly all evening. I was intoxicated by my orgasms and the memory of the high blush that appeared on the photographer’s face as I noticed his impressive erection growing just made everything so intense and so wonderful. I’d finish fingering myself, careful not to let a finger slip in, and then I’d think about the photographer again and of being taken by Tommy in the morning, and well, I just couldn’t stop myself. So, by the time the waiter returned, the room still smelled of sex and I was still ready to go!

The waiter was a really good kisser and I enjoyed that closeness that was missing from my solo actions and his wicked tongue brought me to orgasm several times before I took hold of his beautiful dick and had the snack of a lifetime. His cum was thick and substantial and yet, all I could really think about was having Tommy’s dick in the upcoming hours. The waiter spent the night and we took a shower together before I left for the studios at and my virginity loss video was shot. He agreed to meet me back at the hotel later that night for then, and only then, would he be welcome to plunge himself deep into my teenage, no longer virgin, pussy.

Tommy doesn’t speak Russian and I don’t speak Hungarian, but we both knew why we were there and it didn’t take much conversation to get started. He seemed as horny for me as I was for him and when he took out that beautiful cock of his, I just had to worship it and I did. Tommy’s magic fingers, just as long and thick as his dick, brought me to orgasm repeatedly and his hot fingers on the globes of my ass made me wish for more.


Finally, Tommy signaled that he felt that I was ready. He made good and sure that I was well lubricated and he took his time bathing his throbbing cock in my juices so that when the time finally came, it would not cause me much hurt. And, it didn’t. His cock slowly and smoothly slid into my aching pussy after it breached my hymen. I could feel the cold flow of the blood against the heat of our genitals and my pussy clamped down on his cock, unwilling to let it go. I could feel that great bulbous tip as it brushed against my cervix and when the tension started to build in me, it was nothing like I had ever felt before, not even in the last 24 hours when I couldn’t stop having orgasms if I wanted to.

As the tension began to control my body, I could feel my pussy lengthen which let Tommy’s dick slide further in and then the friction began to warm the blood in my veins while the heat from his dick increased and his thrusts became stronger, my pussy tightened and didn’t stop until I saw bright lights from beneath my eyelids and the world ceased to exist with my blood thrumming through my ears and the cacophony of my screams of pleasure met my consciousness and for a brief, all too brief moment, I began to fall over the cliff that was my orgasm as I floated to the ground.


Holy Crap! That was intense! That was not what I expected from an orgasm due to penetration; I’d thought it would be like the orgasms I had when I masturbated, but no, they were nothing like this. In the moment, I knew that sex was even better than I had imagined and that my choice of becoming a porn star was settled. If I got an orgasm just a fraction of what this one was, I was going to work every day of my life and enjoy every minute of it, too.

Eventually, and the time came way too quickly, it was time for Tommy to cum and the producer and the photographer wanted the cum shot. While my pussy missed Tommy’s dick, and oh did it miss that magnificent dick thrusting through my heat, I enthusiastically made him cum with my mouth and the photographer got his cum shot. But I was not ready to give up Tommy’s cock and continued to play with it, even though it was super sensitive. I wanted to keep it hard because I wanted a round two and three and four, but the camera’s stopped rolling and it was time for us to separate and hit the showers.


My time with Tommy was over and I loved every minute fucking with him and I hope that soon I will be paired with him again, but at the end of it all, like the two professionals we are, we parted and I returned to my hotel. I was exhausted from being up for over 24 hours and from the continual orgasms my body craved and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out. I had no idea how long I had slept, but I woke to my waiter’s hot and heavy cock pressed against my ass and thought; “Why Not?”

A Note From Franchesca

Dear Readers,

Isn’t Anka’s story amazing?! I enjoyed listening to her tell her story and then putting it into words that will excite you and tantalize you and from the mail I am receiving, it seems that you are enjoying reading them as much as I do writing them.

So, I thank you for giving me the honor of telling you their stories and for the kind messages and letters you send me. They encourage me to keep writing, even when it is difficult to find the right words to explain the feelings our virgins have upon losing their virginity.

As you explore the site and see the hundreds of virgins we have photographed and the select ones who have sold their virginity to us, you will see, that I shall be, very busy indeed, bringing to you, the virgin experience with Tommy, Renato and others we have used in the past who have taken on the challenge of taking a virgin for the very first time. And to be honest, I cannot wait to bring you more stories.



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