Mimi La Mignone. My brother on the other hand always tried to get to me..

Hi. My name is Mimi la Mignonne. I’m 18 years old. I live in Russia, Moscow. While I was kid living in a good family, where I loved both my dad and mother..

My brother on the other hand always tried to get to me… Even while I was still a kid. I will elaborate just in a moment. Once me and my parents decided to go the sea for a vacation and we all went together of course.I planned to be an unforgettable trip, and it was, but sadly not in my favours. My goal was to speak to some guys at the beach to get some self confidence before school starts and so I could easily get a boyfriend! But the next day in the evening my brother and I are sleeping in one room and we even had to share a bed, he was older than me and knew how to kiss girls, how to touch them and so on … So I was his target that night. As we were falling asleep he hugged me and got really close to me, that I could feel his cock against my tiny little ass! It was scaring me and I told him to turn away, but he said that he can’t fall asleep at the new place and this way hugging his little sister would be much easier for him. I told him then, fine, but make your cock go away from my ass. He didn’t listen and took it out and threw his boxers on the floor…

I knew if I won’t act quick, I will lose my virginity with my brother at the age of seven and I definitely didn’t want that. So I started to scream, and luckily the walls of the hotel turned out to be thin and someone called the reception. So then my security came and my parents.. They asked what happened and I couldn’t tell them the truth as my brother told me, that if I do he will cover my mouth and will fuck me in my tiny ass and fill me up with cum. I was afraid and stayed quiet. As I woke up, I found brothers hand on my ass inside my panties and he was really grabbing it hard, although at this age, there was literally nothing to grab yet.. Sadly this trip turned out to be a complete disaster and disappointment for me, and how could I even trust men from now on?? If you think that this was it from my childhood, then you’re mistaking it.. The stories are not over yet. They’re just starting! When we got home and couple of years passed since that accident, the main situation after which I have such disappointment and I’m so discouraged to date men!

I was home and I was watching tv, and everything was just fine, but then my brother came home and brought his friend with him. They ate food first, but I couldn’t stop noticing his friends looking at me all the time and telling something to my brother, so then they came close to me and sat near me. So I was in-between them and then my brother looked at this friend and grabbed me by ma hair and then my arms as well! Nobody was home sadly, so I couldn’t scream for help.. They undressed me really quickly and started grabbing my tits and my ass and even slid inside my panties and caressed my pussy until I fainted from my first but very disgusting orgasm.. On the bright side of this story, I stayed a virgin and now, today I’m here at the studio, trying to prove my virginity and to tell this story to the world, so that others could watch out, as they grow up! My parents have no idea about this either, I was afraid to tell them this! Although then I dated a guy, but we never came to nothing more than kissing and that was the maximum for me! Every time I laid down with him on the sofa, I imagined my brother in his place and the kissing was my peak!

What really changed in me is that I tried and tried walking naked at home, specially when I moved out at age 17 and now living alone, near Moscow.. Once I noticed my neighbour watching me through his window and something fired up inside of me, it’s an unbelievable feeling of butterflies in my stomach! I got so horny from this that I masturbated on the floor in front of my window and I even squirted at the glass! My window was open and I heard how the neighbour fell down form probably being this and hearing my moaning really sexually! Now this is my all time favourite thing to do, specially on the weekends! Once I forgot that I wasn’t home alone and that my girl-friend was staying there too, after a drunken sleepover and I was walking naked and touching myself in bed, until I closed my eyes and felt her lips on my tits and then I came hard. We kissed! We caressed each other!

But that was it for me after a couple of times! Now I’m fully ready for this moment of me showing my hymen on camera and perhaps even masturbating until an orgasm!
Mimi agreed to lose her virginity with a man in front of our camera! Stay with us.