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This attractive, blue-eyed lady adores to undress in front of the camera, so her friends could take pictures of her amazing body… Dora finds her hymen as the most sensitive part of her body. She also shared that once she had six orgasms in a row within masturbating with her little gentle finger! And there is absolutely no doubt, Dora has the most astonishing tits you have ever seen. Her tiny fingers opened her pussy and we could see her untouched hymen! So now you enjoy reading the story of Dora, the real virgin girl!

Hi! My name is Dora, I’ll be 19 years old soon. And I’m still a virgin. I’ve never been overlooked by the opposite sex. Guys always noticed the beauty of my body and shape, not characteristic of other girls of my age. Despite the fact that I have always had many fans, I was able to save my virginity until today. Of course, I have sexual experience. But it was far from perfect. I don’t think that at least one girl imagined her first sexual experience as I had it. When I was finishing school, my female-friend introduced me to her older brother. I didn’t like him at first. Yeah, he was pretty. Even very beautiful. He was tall, strong, with dark green eyes and his rustic hair was given a natural golden tint. But despite his attractive appearance, at first he seemed to me terribly smug and narcissistic. He not only did not admire me like all the other guys, but also allowed himself to knock me out and absolutely did not want to concede to me in any argument. I was outraged and annoyed. But after some time, I suddenly realised that this is his the most attractive feature. We began to meet more often and spending more time together. I liked him more and more every day and in the end I realised that I fell in love with him. So it was one year. We were kind of friends, but I had deeper feelings for him. And he knew it very well and saw it. He liked that I was in love with him. It seems to have flattered his self-love. This was annoying me, but there was nothing I could do with myself and my feelings. Once I went shopping in the city centre and accidentally saw him. He was sitting in a cafe with another girl I didn’t know and was looking at her so that any other girl would dream that she would be looked at like that too. At that moment, I hated him. Yeah, I wasn’t his girlfriend, he had nothing to blame. But I was so hurt and offended that I had no choice but to just walk past that cafe. After that day, I wasn’t replying his calls, was ignoring his messages and did not want to see him at all. A few days later, he came to my house. I do not know how long he was staying there and how long he was waiting, but when I approached the entrance and saw him, he had his cheeks blush from frost and the snow on his eyelashes had already begun to turn into frost. I wanted to go past him and not even say hi, but he caught up with me, grabbed my hand and pressed me so tightly to the door of the entrance that I even lost my breath. He looked me straight in the eye and said he saw me that day next to the cafe. And then he said that no other girl he was dating or just fucking was as beautiful as I am. After that, he kissed me on the lips with a long hot kiss. Of course, all my offence against him disappeared and I once again made sure how much I wanted to be with him. After that, we began to visit his house. We were kissing, watching films, wanted to go to live in another city together, he taught me to cook a delicious berry pie, the recipe of which I still remember by heart. It seemed to me that I got into a fairy tale and sometimes I was even afraid that all this was just a dream and in the end I would have to wake up. Every time he kissed me, when he put his big strong hand on my knee or hugged me by the waist, everything inside me was squeezing from the desire and suppression of something more. I was ready to have sex with him, I really wanted it. But for some reason, he always refused or simply immediately changed the topic to another. Once we walked with him around the city, it was winter again. I said again I wanted to have sex. After the walk, we went to his house. He was silent and acting a little weird. Then he took out two glasses and put them on the table. He brought a closed bottle of vodka from another room and filled both glasses. I was sitting and looking at him with no understanding. Then he told me to drink my glass with at a swallow. I drank. Then he did it too. Then he carelessly pulled me to him holding me by my shirt. I thought he was gonna kiss me, but he just looked me in the eyes and started undressing me. When I didn’t have any clothes left, he walked away a little and looked at me. He said: “You wanted to fuck, oh lets fuck.” When he approached me again, I told him that I was still a virgin and asked him to be gentler. He looked at me in surprise and swore. Then he turned me rough and pushed me to the table. I felt something cold and sticky, and then he leaned his big dick next to my ass. He lifted my head by the hair and kissed me. The next moment, I screamed and felt something very big and warm in my ass. He was fucking me slowly first, and then faster and faster. It wasn’t the best feeling I ever had. Then I felt that he came right inside. When I got dressed and was about to go home, he looked at me with a completely indifferent look and said that it will be better for me to keep my virginity for someone else. Today I came to the casting and am no longer going to follow his advice.