Verovica Vasiljeva

Hi! My name is Verovica. I have already turned 18 and I’m still a virgin. I doubted for a long time whether I should come to the casting. When I found out from chatting that I would have to pose on camera, I was scared.

Because I’m very shy. My shyness always prevented me from making new friends. And also because of my shyness, it was always difficult for me to communicate with guys. I came to the casting for breaking up with my shyness and fear. I think it will help me to start feeling more confident and liberated. When I was asked at the casting whether I had ever masturbated, I again became very embarrassed. But, of course, I have masturbated before. Sometimes even a few times a day. My female-friend taught me that. When I was younger, I did gymnastics. In the gymnastics section, I had only one good friend. She was a little older than me and she was the exact opposite of me. She was noisy, cheerful, open, loved to laugh loudly and she felt comfortable in any company. Once in summer, our coach led our group on a hike. Spending a few days in nature seemed to me a wonderful idea. I still remember with a smile those beautiful sunsets above the river, huge odorous trees and amazing smell of fried potatoes on fire. But that trip was remembered by me not only by beautiful landscapes, there happened my first sexual experience. Perhaps my sexual experience will not seem quite ordinary to you, because it happened to me with a girl. With the friend I was talking about. On a hike, we were living in tents. It was very interesting and unusual. I’ve never slept in a tent before. There could sleep only two people. I lived in the same tent with my friend. The first night weren’t sleeping until almost morning, we were talking about everything in the world and weren’t thinking at all about time. My friend was telling me different stories about how she first kissed a guy, how he touched her between her legs, and then she told me how much she liked masturbating. When she said it, I was confused because I had no idea what it is. She noticed my embarrassment and got it that I did not know what masturbating was and never did it, she laughed. Then she grabbed my face with her hands and said she just have to tell me about it. And she did not just tell, in addition, she clearly showed me this. She told me so enthusiastically about masturbation that it began to seem to me that I really lost something cool in my life and did not know real pleasure at all. When she finished her story, she smiled at me and a demonic glare appeared in her eyes. She quickly pulled off her sports pants and panties, and then lay down opposite me, placing her legs wide. Then she lowered her hand between her legs and began to touch her pussy. She was moving her fingers up and down, stopping briefly on the clitoris. She was moaning quietly so no one could hear us. She kept touching her pussy, and she was looking at me all along. Probably, at that moment my whole face was red from embarrassment. Then she suddenly bent her back sharply, moaned a little louder, and then stretched out lying on her back with an expression of indescribable pleasure on her face. She told me it is called an orgasm. It was not a minute before she got up and grabbed my face again with her palms. She gently kissed me on my lips, first she kissed me slowly, and then bit my lower lip and pulled it a little, and then continued to kiss my lips again. After that long kiss, she said it is my turn to take my panties off. I was terrified and reddened again, but she gently stroked my hair and said she would help me. I took off all my clothes, she slowly pulled my panties off me. I’ve never felt so embarrassed before. Then she started kissing my body. First my neck, then she played with my chest, and her lips were already kissing my pussy. It’s probably impossible to put into words what I felt at that moment. A wave of hot pleasure swept all over my body. My nipples have become hard like stone. Now she was not only kissing my pussy, but also touching it. Her warm fingers were sliding on my pussy, giving me really huge dose of pleasure. Then she took my hand and suggested me to try masturbating myself. I agreed and put my hand on my pussy. I tried to repeat all the movements she was doing. And I did it. I started moaning quietly. I’ve been as good as I’ve never been before. Then the pleasure and sexual tension became simply unbearable, I bent my back with an arc, poured into her lips with a long kiss and… I came. That was my first orgasm. All the following nights, my friend and I spent the same way. I liked it, it was our secret. After coming back home from the hike, I continued to masturbate, I constantly tried something new, masturbated in different places and in different poses. In the end, I began to want new feelings and impressions. Having tried every possible way to give myself pleasure, I decided to come to the casting. I’m sure I can get exactly what I’m looking for today.