Eva Sharkozy

Hi, my name is Eva Sharkozy and I’m 18 years old, well, just turned 18 a week ago and already here losing my virginity today with a stranger I never met before. How did I even come to this point. As a kid I had a big trauma as my grandfather tried to rape in the forest once or twice. I was brought up by both of my amazing parents in Miskolc, Hungary.

Our town is surrounded by a forest and I’ve been going out a lot with my grandparents for walks in there. Once my grandma has died and it was very very sad for everyone, I think this has made my grandpa do what he did with me multiple times in the forest. I was only 6 years old when she died and couple a years passed until I got nine. By that time my grandpa started to show up more and more out our place and going out with us all, he felt like he needed more contact already. So I was very happy to see him again, once he took me out on the walk to the forest like we used to go before. He told that he will show me a new nice place with small waterfalls and I got very excited about this idea. Once we arrived there and I saw them, I asked him if I can go swim in them, he said yes and I got fully naked and jumped in. I asked him to get in with me, so he got naked too, which wasn’t very nice to see, but there was no other option for us to get in to water. I don’t know what he did but probably it was a viagra that he took in, because once he got close to me and I felt like something hit my belly and as I grabbed on, on it I knew I wasn’t holding a log, it was his erected and surprisingly big dick! I got scared, because we were in the middle of no where, naked in the water and there wasn’t anyone else anywhere near by. He kissed me on the ear and said that he has missed a woman’s attention ever since his wife passed away. I had some hair on my tiny little virgin pussy and his hand slid down directly to it and he began to caress it. He said that the hair reminded him of his wife vagina. I told him to stop or at least not to make me lose my virginity. He said that he won’t let it happen to me, but I also can’t say this to my parents. I got scared and told him to back off again, then his finger slid in to my virgin butthole and got stuck there. I was screaming of pain, but he told me that I have to relax and he has to make me cum in order to remove it. I agreed as there was no other option. While he was fingering my ass, I accidentally got his cock in mouth and had other option but finish him off this way. It was very disgusting, specially the swallowing part, this makes me choke on everything today almost. Once we both were done, he apologised so much, he signed over his house on to my name, so once I grow up and he’ll be gone I can have it. I forgave him as he was my grandpa, even without taking the house. I still love him much! At home after a few weeks, I began masturbating in my dreams and waking up with wet panties. I had no idea what was going on and I decided to set up a camera and record it for my self to see what is happening to me, because I was sure that I’m not peening myself during sleeping. As I was going though the footage I saw one my fingers touching my clit and the other going inside my ass and that’s how I came to orgasms before waking up each day. I decided to try it right away, but didn’t even get wet, so I searched the web and it said that I have to think about someone, and the first person I thought of was my grandpa. I got scared that he will be the only one who can make me excited, but it wasn’t like this, after a few day I became a porn addict. This is how I came to todays day of shooting porn and becoming a real pornstar and maybe even fucking men who are older than me. I got in contact with this cool porn studio defloration and they told me if I’m not a virgin then they can just offer a nude art photoshoot for me, but if I’m still a virgin, then they will pay me a lot of money and I can lose my virginity on camera and start my pornstar career from such a famous place right away. I knew I had to take it and work up my way to the top. I got invited for casting, it was fun for me as the producers Hungarian wasn’t the best, but was still fun to speak with him, as he was joking around even then and he made loose up and feel relaxed and even horny. Then he asked me to choose the actor and the one I wanted the most wasn’t in the country and I had to choose another guy. Honestly he wasn’t the best option, but non the less still fun but very pushy. So he reminded me of my grandpa during our sex and I felt raped at first but then when he took my virginity it was amazing and I loved it!