Erica Hardovich

Hi, my name is Erica Hardovich and I’m not a virgin anymore, although still 18 years old. You might wonder what I’m doing here today. Stick around and find it out for yourself. I grew up in Croatia, Split.

It’s located right next to the sea, growing up in such place, was very good for my health as well as for tanning and enjoying total freedom. Let me elaborate on this a bit more. I was trying to practice nudism, just like my parents. My parents are hipsters and always taught me to feel free, live for world peace and never be angry with anyone, I really like this life choice and did it as well! Once I went down to the nudist beach and I was around nine years old, as I remember… I felt really uncomfortable and we had to leave home. Then my parents traveled to Amsterdam, and I was left alone in our house, where I started not to where any clothes at all. It was really fun and I even called my mom after a few days and did her I really enjoy doing this. They were really happy for me and told that once they’re back, we will go to the beach again! The day has finally come and we gathered our bag and sunscreen and went down, this time I loved and even made many new friends. I have a really big story with them. They weren’t very educated in the our life as hipsters and they thought, we are speaking to the spirits, I told them we weren’t, but this has planted a seed in my head, and one day, we went to our attic to see what was there and we found it… It was the ouija board.. I heard many stories of it and saw some horror movies too. I was scared to play, but my friends wanted to and we ended up playing. I will never forget the name that the board showed me, it was the Photographer Ghost! We had no idea what it meant, threw the board away and ran away! We were still meeting a lot and going out naked to the beach or around my house. Then my puberty has reached its point and I got interested in other men and women. Once I was laying naked in my backyard and fell asleep, I woke up from hot load of sperm hitting my face and covering my eyes, it was one of the boys who I played the board with. I got scared and screamed at him and ran away to my home.. He was just standing there and laughing. He apologised after and I invited him over to my room for the night, as I really like him despite the fact the sneaked on me and covered me with cum all over my face. We began kissing and kissing and it was never ending until his hand reached my butthole and he put his finger in without any lube, I screamed from pain, but felt excited too! He ended up fucking me in the ass that night and filling it with sperm, which I had to clan out afterwards in the shower without knowing how to. I got on my nerves, but with time I learned and was bragging him to fuck me more and more in every possible pose. He told me on our 2 year anniversary that the they has come and I should let him take my virginity! I told him no! But he insisted, and pushed me down tho the bed and ripped my panties off and licked me out! Then he slid his huge penis inside my tight little pussy and took my virginity with force! I will never forget it, because I never experienced more pain in my life. The same day me and him broke up! This has gotten me a lesson in life not to trust men very fast. What could of I’ve done after this. The Defloration studios doors were closed because this idiot took my virginity away… I still contacted him and told them my story and sent them a video of my self and some pictures! They told me that I have a very nice body and I could still come in do a shooting of pictures. I got excited in between that I agreed even for low payment. That is understandable, I was no longer a virgin… Once I arrived there, I was treated the same as all the other girls mention it in their stories and it made me happy that some people do as they say they will, without forgetting or backing up! We did the pictures, the producer has loved the way I was moving like a professional and offered me as an exception to make a solo video, where I would touch myself, masturbate and use a dildo t reach an orgasm! By the time we were done with the shooting, everything was soaking wet around me and I even helped to clean up, given me such an opportunity after everything I went through, I was very thankful! I can say that life does take unfortunate events, but it comes out perfect at the end if you keep on believing and not giving up. Now with all this money I’m making as an adult star I can finally buy a new house for my parents who has started my interesting journey.