Erica Hardovich

Hi, my name is Erica Hardovich and I’m not a virgin anymore, although still 18 years old. You might wonder what I’m doing here today. Stick around and find it out for yourself. I grew up in Croatia, Split.

It’s located right next to the sea, growing up in such place, was very good for my health as well as for tanning and enjoying total freedom. Let me elaborate on this a bit more. I was trying to practice nudism, just like my parents. My parents are hipsters and always taught me to feel free, live for world peace and never be angry with anyone, I really like this life choice and did it as well! Once I went down to the nudist beach and I was around nine years old, as I remember… I felt really uncomfortable and we had to leave home. Then my parents traveled to Amsterdam, and I was left alone in our house, where I started not to where any clothes at all. It was really fun and Continue reading Erica Hardovich