Matilda Oj! Part Three

Well, this is the final installment of my story and sadly, the end of my time with Renato. I worked very hard to make this fantasy of mine come true and suffered a lot of pain in the surgery, but it was all worth it.


When I first me him, knowing what I had done to get there, I blushed and was struck with shyness I had never experienced before.  He was gentle with me and kind, just as I had fantasized about him the last few years.  He held me close to comfort me and yet, my excitement did not abate, but my fear of the pain did disappear.  I lived through it once in a dark alleyway with a shit who didn’t give a damn about me, I could live through it again with a man I had secretly desired and loved from afar.
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Part Two of Matilda’s story

I left the studios at broken hearted because I was not a virgin and there policy is to only film virgins. If I could only turn back time to that horrible night when a stranger shoved his dick up my cunt and came all over me before I even had a chance to register pain or pleasure. It was very disappointing and except for my Renato like vibrating dildo, I’d never had sex again. And now it seemed like I would never get the chance for Renato to make love to me. It felt like for me, my life was over. I watched his movies so many times that I began to imagine how his lips would feel against mine and the suction his lips would create as they sucked me to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.


I was becoming more obsessed as the days went on and then I came across an American Television Show about real American Housewives and their

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