Amelie Loren, Losing of virginity

Right after my solo shooting I got invited to lose my virginity here as well! That’s because I’m looking so crazy hot!

The first shooting went very well and then we agreed on shootings in many different locations including a swimming pool in the most beautiful villa ever! It was located on the borders of Budapest, and Continue reading Amelie Loren, Losing of virginity

Amelie Loren, Italian beauty

Hello! My name is Amelie Loren and I’m a 18 years old virgin! I grew up in a Verona, Italy. It’s a very beautiful town and I think I was the hottest girl in town ever since my childhood!

All the boys in schools wanted to be with me. My mother was a teacher at the school went too and my father was the director of that school, lets just say that I was very lucky in there. No matter what I did and most of the time I was good girl, I could never really in trouble. I was also attending many extra Continue reading Amelie Loren, Italian beauty

Erica Hardovich

Hi, my name is Erica Hardovich and I’m not a virgin anymore, although still 18 years old. You might wonder what I’m doing here today. Stick around and find it out for yourself. I grew up in Croatia, Split.

It’s located right next to the sea, growing up in such place, was very good for my health as well as for tanning and enjoying total freedom. Let me elaborate on this a bit more. I was trying to practice nudism, just like my parents. My parents are hipsters and always taught me to feel free, live for world peace and never be angry with anyone, I really like this life choice and did it as well! Once I went down to the nudist beach and I was around nine years old, as I remember… I felt really uncomfortable and we had to leave home. Then my parents traveled to Amsterdam, and I was left alone in our house, where I started not to where any clothes at all. It was really fun and Continue reading Erica Hardovich

Verovica Vasiljeva

Hi! My name is Verovica. I have already turned 18 and I’m still a virgin. I doubted for a long time whether I should come to the casting. When I found out from chatting that I would have to pose on camera, I was scared.

Because I’m very shy. My shyness always prevented me from making new friends. And also because of my shyness, it was always difficult for me to communicate with guys. I came to the casting for breaking up with my shyness and fear. I think it will help me to start feeling more confident and liberated. When I was asked at the casting whether I had ever masturbated Continue reading Verovica Vasiljeva

Alla Voennaja

We have added this 22 year old girl, despite the fact that she is not a virgin, because we thought that you would be impressed by her. I have been working in the porn industry for many years, but I was really shocked when I saw her orgasm! I never saw such a thing and didn’t think that it’s even possible! Check out the incredible sparkling orgasm! Her vagina is splashing like a fountain!
Just a suggestion: don’t eat or drink while watching the video 🙂

She told us her story and how did she come to having squirting orgasms.. She started with her life story. I am Alla Voennaja and I’m from Ukraine, Kiev. I have never been a girl that would simply seat and do nothing, I was the most hyper active child in our family. There were Continue reading Alla Voennaja

Sindy White – losing of virginity

Hi again and I’m still 18 years old. Nothing has really changed from the time I came in here to confirm my virginity and to show how I masturbate on camera for the first time!

I told the producer and then to my actor something, you’re about to find out! I was asked before this shooting to choose my partner, the pornstar who’ll take my virginity and I chose a guy specifically who reminded me of my head doctor and loved licking pussies Continue reading Sindy White – losing of virginity


Hi! My name is Silvia. I’m 18 and I’m still a virgin. I came to my first casting because I finally want to get my first real sex experience.

Everything that I had before I find not serious at all and inferior too. When I was studying at school, one guy transferred from another school to my school. I was 11 years old then, and he was two years older. The first time I saw him, I fell in love with him. It was true love at first sight Continue reading Silvia


Dora is a regular reader of

This attractive, blue-eyed lady adores to undress in front of the camera, so her friends could take pictures of her amazing body… Dora finds her hymen as the most sensitive part of her body. She also shared that once she had six orgasms in a row within masturbating with her little gentle finger! And there is absolutely no doubt, Dora has the most astonishing tits you have ever seen. Her tiny fingers opened her pussy and we could see her untouched hymen! So now you enjoy reading the story of Dora, the real virgin girl!

Hi! My name is Dora, I’ll be 19 years old soon. And I’m still a virgin. I’ve never been overlooked by the opposite sex. Guys always noticed the beauty of my body and shape, not characteristic of other girls of my age. Despite the fact that I have always had many fans, I was able to save my virginity until today. Of course, I have sexual experience. But it was Continue reading Dora.

Eva Sharkozy

Hi, my name is Eva Sharkozy and I’m 18 years old, well, just turned 18 a week ago and already here losing my virginity today with a stranger I never met before. How did I even come to this point. As a kid I had a big trauma as my grandfather tried to rape in the forest once or twice. I was brought up by both of my amazing parents in Miskolc, Hungary.

Our town is surrounded by a forest and I’ve been going out a lot with my grandparents for walks in there. Once my grandma has died and it was very very sad for everyone, I think this has made my grandpa do what he did with me multiple times in the forest. I was only 6 years old when she died and couple a years passed until I got nine. By that time my grandpa Continue reading Eva Sharkozy

Emilie Ravin. Blonde virgin.

Meet our new model Emilie, she’s from Russia. She has just turned 18 and going to be an actress. It’s not her real name because she doesn’t want to reveal it to anyone for personal reasons. She thinks, that it’s very similar to the famous actress from the “Lost” series, so she has taken this stage name for herself. Listen to her story now.

Hello, I’m 18 years old, come from Russia, Samara. I was raised by both parents and I can’t say really say that we were rich. Instead the total opposite, we lived in house on a farm and weren’t really social. You can tell from the pictures that I look like a countryside girl. I never really cared for my body being perfect as I always believed that because Continue reading Emilie Ravin. Blonde virgin.