Beatrix Glazatto

Hello my name is Beatrix Glazatto.

I am 18 years old and a virgin. I really thank my friend and the producer who gave me the chance to earn money for the photo shoot as I am very eager to get into modelling business as soon as possible. I have a sister who’s only a few years older than I am. My sister, Anna, has a number of boyfriends. She is always very outgoing.

I followed her a number of times when she went out on her secret dates, to see for myself how’s she managing to have so many boyfriends at once and not make to believe them that she does. I still don’t get it honestly. One Christmas my family invited over their friends and I was excited about, Continue reading Beatrix Glazatto

Agnessa Tress

My name is Agnessa Tress.

I turned 18 two days ago. I proved that I am a virgin and now I am ready to pose in my first video. Perhaps I will continue to pose and make a career in this business. I have long been ready to loose my virginity and I think that now is just the right time for this.

A few years ago, I fell ill and got into the hospital. I was in a single room and my doctor took great care of me. He was a beautiful man, with beautiful strong hands and had a beautiful body. I was waiting every morning for him to come to my room and ask his usual questions, how do I feel, whether I have any pain. During the morning examinations, he was asking me to lift my T-shirt and Continue reading Agnessa Tress