Sindy White – losing of virginity

Hi again and I’m still 18 years old. Nothing has really changed from the time I came in here to confirm my virginity and to show how I masturbate on camera for the first time!

I told the producer and then to my actor something, you’re about to find out! I was asked before this shooting to choose my partner, the pornstar who’ll take my virginity and I chose a guy specifically who reminded me of my head doctor and loved licking pussies Continue reading Sindy White – losing of virginity

Sindy White

Hello everyone, my name is Sindy White and I’m 18 years old! I grew up in Budapest, Hungary in every nice but very strict family. My parents were very religious people, but very open minded as well. So don’t think that I grew up like a nun. Although I thought that I was. There are a few reasons for why I thought so and still do. I was always controlled by parents in every possible way.

When I was leaving home to go to downtown and meet friends, they checked my outfits, or when I was going to my friends houses and everything else that you can imagine. I couldn’t even close up in my room to masturbate which I really wanted, because most of girl friends were doing it and telling me how good it feels to have an orgasm Continue reading Sindy White