Sindy White

Hello everyone, my name is Sindy White and I’m 18 years old! I grew up in Budapest, Hungary in every nice but very strict family. My parents were very religious people, but very open minded as well. So don’t think that I grew up like a nun. Although I thought that I was. There are a few reasons for why I thought so and still do. I was always controlled by parents in every possible way.

When I was leaving home to go to downtown and meet friends, they checked my outfits, or when I was going to my friends houses and everything else that you can imagine. I couldn’t even close up in my room to masturbate which I really wanted, because most of girl friends were doing it and telling me how good it feels to have an orgasm. My intention to be with a man has been growing and growing each day, until I find one. I was studying medicine always and finally ended up doing an internship in the best medical university of Hungary, it was Semmelweis University. My father had few connections there and I got in really fast without any questions asked, except of course about my studies and if I knew latin. As soon as I started working there part time, I fell in love with the head of therapeutic department, where I was taking my internship. He was a very well educated gown up man, with a muscled body and lots of charisma. It’s impossible not fell in love with him, and I think I wasn’t the only one from the group who did. As I was working my way up and doing so much work as no else did and staying at night to perfect everything to the maximum. He noticed this in me and decided to make myself his favourite intern, I really enjoyed this idea of him. I finally felt that I have reached something without my parents influence in it. As my practice continued even further and half a year I became so close to him that one day he told to stay later in the hospital, so that there won’t be anyone else there to see us in our extra practicing time. Little that I know that he meant it in a sexual way… He told everyone a goodbye and closed the doors, where we were left totally alone and it became creepy and scary. He told me that he will give me the best certificate if I will do just as he wishes and I got content and told him yes sure! He immediately unzipped his pants, got my onto my knees and told me to open my mouth, I knew exactly what will happen and I wasn’t scared on the contrary I was happy! I sucked him off until his body shook and he came on my face. I was wearing glasses and they were covered in sperm. He looked at me with a smile and told that he dreamed of such experience and he is happy that he finally got it. Like this I became his little girl at work. He never touched my pussy because I wasn’t allowing him! He asked me if he can fuck my ass and I told him yes but for this he had to wait another year until I fully trusted him and saw that nobody notices us having sexual intercourse as it was very dangerous if someone would find out this. The time has come, he brought champagne and roses and some chocolates as well the best lube on the market that increases the orgasm by a lot! I didn’t know the differences between them and I thought that it was just a basic lubricant same as everyone else was using… But no! He started by inserting his middle finger in my ass by a bit and it wasn’t hurting much, then he added the lube and it slid in no problems! Then his second finger, he wanted to try all three like in porn but I haven’t agreed to that. He said no problems and took them all out and put his big cock on my ass and slapped me a few times with it and it felt great, specially after the champagne and kissing and sucking on his cock to make as hard as it is now! He was moving it on the tile lubed ass of mine and then it slid in and I felt it all like my asshole got destroyed, felt way different from the fingers, specially after the head of his penis entered! I screamed a bit and told him to be slower, but he insisted on going faster and faster and I gave up and allowed it! It wasn’t a mistake it was the best experience ever, specially when at one moment his dick fell out when we were changing poses and landed on my never ever touched virgin pussy! I got scared and pushed it back to my ass! I was enjoying being him so much that recently a few weeks before I turn 18 I decided to start masturbating and I was living alone already without anyone to notice or say something about it. I even experienced my first orgasm and I knew then how good it feels and that I have been missing out on such opportunities! I found the studio Defloration and they accepted me really quick without any problems and we did a video with me masturbating first time on camera and probably my fifth time ever in life and it is an unforgettable moment, until they have asked if I wanna lose my virginity here as well. But that’s another story..