Emilie Ravin. Blonde virgin.

Meet our new model Emilie, she’s from Russia. She has just turned 18 and going to be an actress. It’s not her real name because she doesn’t want to reveal it to anyone for personal reasons. She thinks, that it’s very similar to the famous actress from the “Lost” series, so she has taken this stage name for herself. Listen to her story now.

Hello, I’m 18 years old, come from Russia, Samara. I was raised by both parents and I can’t say really say that we were rich. Instead the total opposite, we lived in house on a farm and weren’t really social. You can tell from the pictures that I look like a countryside girl. I never really cared for my body being perfect as I always believed that because of my big tits and nice I will always find someone who’ll enjoy being with me. I wasn’t really a shy girl either considering our distancing relationships with everyone in town. I was living a truly happy life and was always helping out my parents on the farm. So one day I decided to go swimming naked to the river nearby and when I got there I haven’t noticed other girls like a hundred meters away having fun on the shore. I arrived to the river and began to undress my clothes, once I got naked I went in to the river and step by step, because it seemed cold at the moment. This made my nipples get harder and harder. I started to swim after a while and was enjoying it underwater, because the water wasn’t too hot and not too cold, somewhere in between and I loved how it was touching face and going through my long hair. I haven’t even noticed how it became late on me and I had to go home. The next day it was raining and I stayed home, learning agriculture related books in my room by the window, while it was raining. I had my kerosene lamp turned on slightly and it was enough to enjoy the silence and the rain hitting my window and that low light beside me. Then I saw a light somewhere far away from our farm and I decided to look inside my old telescope and what I saw that evening is what made me masturbate everyday from that day till now! I saw girls and boys in someones house on a farm having sex and changing partners all the time and finishing off in each other. This made my hand slid in to my panties and my virgin pussy was getting wet. Very wet! I had no idea what going on but the sensation was unbelievable and it felt right, felt like I was missing out on something beautiful in this life! My hand begun to move faster and faster on my clit and then my whole body shook and I got my first orgasm, at the age of 15. This was going like this for a week approximately. Then my mom noticed once that I was making noises and came on me while I was having an orgasm. I got really scared of what will happen now, but she was understanding and even told that if it will help me she can show some ways to do it better or I can just find a boyfriend who will do it for me. I told her that I do want a boyfriend but I also want to know how tease him well, while we get in bed and undress. She told to close my eyes for a minute, after I opened them, she was completely naked and on top of me. She had a very hairy pussy like me and she started to show how to have lesbian sex first and the pose of 69 and I an tell you that it is my favourite till now. We both orgasmed at once with her and we had to wait a bit, so we could continue with other poses and her showing me how to masturbate properly and very seductive. We fall asleep only at the sunrise and she went back to dads room and told him that I had nightmares all night and couldn’t sleep well, so she slept with me. He totally bought it. So that my first sexual experience with the opposite sex, but that wasn’t all… Remember how I told you about the river? I came back there after some weeks and saw the people I have seen in my telescope there and and decided to become friends with them and see where will it bring me and I wasn’t wrong about it. They were very open minded and within a day at the river we all became good friends. I was swimming naked with them, in-fact I was the one who suggested to do so, by then I was already completely shaved off and I wasn’t panicking about someone laughing at me for my bush that I had. That’s how I ended up losing my anal virginity with two boys at once in my farm during the day while parents were working just outside in the garden. One of them was fucking me in my ass and the other in my mouth and then they both came at once. It was really hurting at first but was still better then breaking my hymen, which I wanted to keep for a man that I will marry once. The sensation of the big and slick cock entering my butthole after being fingered hard was amazing, but with lots of pain as I didn’t except it to be so at all! I told him to slow down but instead he went with maximum speed and the other in my mouth and he was holding my hair and pushing me so much down I fainted once and he slapped my cheeks with his dick, I woke up and sucked on further. Once they both came inside of me, I got disgusted by the amount in my throat that I swallowed and threw up, they guys just yelled at me and ran away. So now you know all my dirty sexual secrets and enjoy watching my pictures as well as videos while I’m still a virgin and turn on your fantasies!