Sindy White – losing of virginity

Hi again and I’m still 18 years old. Nothing has really changed from the time I came in here to confirm my virginity and to show how I masturbate on camera for the first time!

I told the producer and then to my actor something, you’re about to find out! I was asked before this shooting to choose my partner, the pornstar who’ll take my virginity and I chose a guy specifically who reminded me of my head doctor and loved licking pussies, I love the feeling and enjoy it much! My desire to be with men grew even higher in this one week between my shootings and I couldn’t control it anymore, when I came in the to studio and I knew what will happen and I had no doubts about it. I told him that I was masturbating only for a few weeks and he got surprised by it. But it’s the truth as you know form before. The guy was really handsome looking and fun, so I felt really easy with him when I was getting to know him and it helped a lot! I heard from many girls that when they went to such shootings and then they get surprised out of nowhere by a random guy. I must say that I recommend this to any girl again, but I’m not sure you can get such important notice to yourself and to partner that you choose and also get your test done for the shooting paid by the producer!