Enzio Ricci. It is happened!

It is happened!

I am back and with such great excitement. As I am now a professional model, I am used to the cameras, and in fact love being in front of them. My solo video went off so well, at least according to me, that I was very excited at what was coming up next. Sergey and I had a plan…we will not let Tommy know!

Two days after my solo shoot, I was a bit nervous but determined to put on a brave front. I want Continue reading Enzio Ricci. It is happened!

Enzio Ricci. My first time…

Enzio Ricci
Hey there! It’s so good to be here you can’t imagine. I love modeling and am a professional model. This was something else though. I feel excited, and Alive! And Sergey (producer) spoke about Tommy too so that’s another adventure that I am waiting for…but I am moving ahead of my story…

I was always a bad girl. I mean Continue reading Enzio Ricci. My first time…

Galina Kurnosaya. Losing of my virginity..

It was not an ordinary day. I had been waiting for it for so long, full of excitement and nervousness. Will I be able to do it? What if they didn’t like me? What if I panicked? In the end nothing happened. The photographer and producer were too kind and professional for me to feel scared any longer and I felt like I was doing photo-shoots and videos all my life. All thanks to defloration.com, I , Galina, a 18-yr-old inexperienced virgin have taken my first step towards my dream of becoming a model!

I am an ordinary girl from St. Peters-burg. I love Continue reading Galina Kurnosaya. Losing of my virginity..