Enzio Ricci. It is happened!

I am back and with such great excitement. As I am now a professional model, I am used to the cameras, and in fact love being in front of them. My solo video went off so well, at least according to me, that I was very excited at what was coming up next. Sergey and I had a plan…we will not let Tommy know!

Two days after my solo shoot, I was a bit nervous but determined to put on a brave front. I want Tommy to see me as a temptress not a naïve teen. I might be a virgin but I had the soul of a professional model. Stepping into the studio, I knew things were different today. I was immediately taken off to a room by an assistant where I was asked to strip. And after that so many things happened one after the other. First there was a beauty bath followed by a warm body massage. My body felt relaxed and as the oil soaked into my skin, I felt feminine, sensuous and bold.
Stepping into the recording room, I was just dressing up when there was a knock! OMG! He is here! I have seen all videos of Tommy and I am in awe of him but I cannot show it…no! He is the most freaking ‘manly’ man I have seen. And then he comes in and I am giggling…stop it!! I exude confidence, as if this is something that I have done everyday. I like him..I really do…he’s the sweetest and he actually asks me if it was really my first time. Point 1: Enzio! I banter with him and I can see he likes it.
And suddenly we are on the bed, undressing. Well, just me. He still has on all his clothes, including his socks! As his fingers run down my panties, there’s a quiver through my body and I don’t know if he has noticed. I am sure by now my ‘smart chirpy girl’ front put on to hide the nervousness is understood, especially as I can’t stop the giggles!! He discovers my pussy hair…am I quirky? How does it matter..I love it there and I think he loved it too. His tongue managed to do things to me that I never imagined I could feel!! That horseback orgasm I had written about? Pooh.. .compared to this!
“When are you undressing”, I heard myself ask! And he started a mini striptease..socks off and then pants followed by the briefs. And there it stood in all its glory…Tommy’s huge cock! I almost gasped as I took it in. But I am not a professional model for nothing. I can do it and make HIM gasp! Like an ice cream he said and I showed him how I lick and suck an ice cream…I could hear him grunt and that made me so happy. This was the first time I saw and touched a dick but I managed pretty well, didn’t I? My mouth apparently was just right! Haha!!

As he sucked my tiny teenage tits, no matter how much of modeling I had done, nothing prepared me for this. His hands rubbed my tight virgin clit while sucking on my boobs and I was almost lost out of my senses. And then it was time! How do we want to do it? Leaving it to his experience, I lay on my side, lifting my leg high, keeping my virgin pussy exposed so that his big cock could enter and break my fragile hymen, making me a woman. Well, his dick was huge…I was suddenly scared. As he gently pushed himself in, I felt pleasure more than pain. My insides felt raw and scarred but as he pushed and pulled, breaking my hymen, waves of pleasure swept over me.
There was no time for rest just now and we followed it up with another style. As I rested on my arms with my butt towards him, he pushed his member into my vulva…pushed in and out. I could feel my boobs jingling, adding an erotic feel to the experience when he suddenly pulled out and spilled his white milk on the outside of my pussy lips.
As his cum ran down my vulva, we lay down exhausted. It was as if we knew each other for a long time. We spoke of food just as any other couple would and I was so much in love already! I wanted to keep lying in his arms forever but I know this is only for today…and it will soon be time to go. I could not have wished for a better way of deflowering myself. Tommy was the ultimate man…just as I had always dreamt of…gentle yet strong, passionate yet caring…I know I have lost a big piece of my heart to him today…sigh!! Time has come to say bye but perhaps someday he may remember me and we may meet on another romantic escapade…