Gala Buhalo

Ever since I turned 16 I have wanted to get out of my parents’ home. I want to be independent and free! Don’t take me wrong…my parents are gems. It’s just that they over protect me sometimes. Most of my friends have left home but I need a job first. A job that will bring me both money and fame! This is why I approached And now I think I know what I am going to do in my life…

My name is Gala. My parents are orthodox Christians and yes, they would probably be shocked to know my choice of career. My father works as a supervisor in a local farm and when he’s home in the evening, he’s exhausted but not a single day goes without him asking me whether I have thought about what I want to do, about what happened during the day and so on. My mom? She’s always busy…laundry, cleaning, cooking, baking. She prays the Rosary every evening, no matter how tired or sleepy she might be. There is no question of our family missing Sunday mass. Ever.
My interpretation of god is slightly different. God, I feel, wants us to be happy. Who are we to judge others as long as no one is being hurt? So, even though I love God and my parents, I am choosing a career that I feel should foremost make me happy. And believe you me, this gives me an excitement like nothing else. As I told you I have been thinking of becoming independent ever since I turned 16. I am 18 now and this has turned out to be the most exciting day of my life. Have you seen my video? My boobs are beautiful aren’t they? I love them. I love rubbing them hard in front of a mirror. I love the way they feel when I squeeze them hard. I love my virgin body.
Last night as I fell asleep, I was imagining what it would be like to undress in front of others, in front fo a camera. Will I get nervous? Well, the very thought of undressing in front of the camera made me feel so erotic that my virgin pussy got wet. I stripped and stood in front of the camera, pretending it was the camera. My virgin pussy was shaved and looked pink and ready. My tits stood waiting, the nipples all erect. As I rubbed my hand over them, and rolled my hips, the lips of my virgin vulva got rubbed and I felt high. I lay down on the floor, trembling. My fingers went up and down my virgin pussy, exciting it while with my other hand I squeezed my tits. I imagined a man with a camera zooming in, and I rubbed faster and faster till my fingers were wet with cum. Ahhhh!
I sometimes imagine whether a man can make me feel so good? Will it be better? I have had many relationships, many boyfriends but never sex. As long as I am with my parents I feel I should respect their religious beliefs. But now I am 18 and so many of my girlfriends have shared so many stories of their sexual adventures with me that I feel like a fool. I do not know anything. I pretend I know everything but I do not. I do not even know what a boy’s hand will feel like squeezing my tits. Will he slowly pull me near and then put his hand inside my top and touch it gently and then massage it? Or will he be rough with me, tear off my clothes and suck my young nipples with force? Will his hand then move down to touch my pussy which will tremble with nervousness or will he pull my hand to feel his hard cock? These thoughts fill my head because my friends have seen it all and I can only imagine.
In Ukraine, where I stay, there’s a river nearby. Sometimes, I go swimming there with my girlfriends. We have a favourite spot, hidden by trees where we strip and go in skinny dipping. The are many times in which a girl has touched me, teasing me like a boy might. Once, Annabella, a friend, even made me lie down on the bank after we were done, help my hands tight and sucked my virgin boobs. I remember I did not resist. It was so delightful. I moaned and twisted and then touched myself till I cum.
This shoot with is very important for me. I know I have a good figure and can make it in the modeling world. This is a head start for me. Perhaps I can go to Paris. The money I earn will go a long way towards my independence, a life on my own, to live like I want to. I hope you like my shoot and my body. Please wish me luck! And perhaps you will see me again someday soon!