Mona Bregvadze.

Buna! I am Mona from Bucharest, Romania. I just had the most amazing time ever and wanted to share my experience. As a dancer, I tour quite a bit and perform on stage but today, for the first time, I posed nude in front of cameras and it was amazing. I was terrified before the shoot started but the producer soon put me at ease. OMG, he is such a brilliant photographer! Anyway, I am 18 years old and still a virgin although hopefully not for long.

I love dancing. It is everything for me. From when I was a little girl, just enrolled into Ms Mihaela’s dance class, I thought of nothing else. There is no other dancer in our family so my parents are extremely happy. They are not very well-off but have always encouraged me to follow my dream. My gather is a security guard in a factory and my mother is a seamstress. She earlier took work at home but now works in the studio of a big designer. I get a little money for my performances but it is not enough. I do not want a lot but money is important. I wish to travel and dance. Maybe I will dance in New York one day, maybe in Sydney. But I need money. I want to give back to my parents many things that they have sacrificed for me. I want them to have a good life after struggling so much.Some years ago, while hunting for ballet photographs in the Internet, I came across Oh my god, it was amazing. The photographs of ballet dancers were superb and so erotic. I wanted to be photographed by the same person. I wanted to look good and earn money too. Later I came across Tommy Stone’s videos. It was while watching them that I learnt to touch myself. I got my first orgasm watching him deflowering a virgin. When my best friend came to know, we and a few other girlfriends from ballet school would get together for slumber parties with Tommy’s videos. We still do that. We call these our ‘MPs’, Masturbation Parties! It is so erotic to touch my virgin clit in front of my girlfriends while his video was on. Sometimes, a friend pull my nipple or touch my teenage tits while I was rubbing my pussy and then I cum in a rush. Sometimes I cum so many times.
We have these parties at our homes but even at other times. I dream a lot of Tommy. In my dreams, I see him walking to me, grabbing me by the waist, pulling my hair back and kissing me hard. I can feel his hard cock pressing against me and I twist and turn in my sleep. So many nights I get wet just dreaming of him.
Like a miracle, while at dance school a few weeks ago, I met an agent of I was extremely interested in getting a photo shoot in my ballet dress. I t would add a lot to my portfolio and I would fulfill one of my dreams of being photographed there. Maybe I would get to see Thomas Stone there too! So I picked up courage and spoke to him and he said if I was 18, they would be very interested. I jumped with joy because I had already turned 18. He gave me the address of the studio and I requested to be photographed in my ballet tutu which he agreed.
My parents work very hard as I told you all and I did not want to tell them about my photo shoot. I told them I would be away with my best friend and that was it. I want to surprise them with the money. I had some cash saved and went in for a spa treatment the day before the shoot. My body was massaged, the lady took care to rub my boobs too so that they also glowed. I felt relaxed and her touch almost made me cum but I didn’t. She wanted to wax my virgin pussy too but I was not brave enough. She neatly trimmed the pubic hair and I was absolutely perfect. As I touched my virgin pussy, it felt very sensuous and different.
On the day of the photo shoot, I brushed my hair till it shone. It was thrilling to face the cameras and the light. I forgot my shyness. The producer made me feel confident and talked to me all the time he was shooting me. As I touched myself in front of the camera, I felt like I was a star. I showed the world I was a virgin and was on top of the world to know that I would be deflowered by Tommy in a day or two!!!