Emily Insomnia.

Hey there, I am Emily. I am a virgin just eager to get deflowered. My body is beautiful and I absolutely love it. My tits, my virgin pussy, my hot ass are all ravishing and I am certain I can rule the modelling world. When I wrote to defloration.com, they too seemed to like what they saw but asked me to wait till I was 18. Well, I turned 18 two months ago and here I am.

My family is from Kazan. That’s a city in Russia. It’s big and beautiful. Like me. My parents do not know about my assignment and so I am using a different name. Hopefully they won’t come to know. My father’s a clerk in the post office and my mom’s a nursery teacher. I have an elder brother, Rudolf, who’s 13 years elder to me. He stays in Moscow now with his high-society wife. I hate her. She’s from a very rich family and is extremely snobbish. Looks down at me. I hate her.
It was my brother’s friend who first made me realize what an awesome body I had. I was just to young and he was my boyfriend. He used to take me out for walks, to feed the ducks. We would play at home too, sometimes for hours. It was our little secret that he was my boyfriend and I would giggle when he came home with my brother. But actually the bastard had other things on his mind. He wanted my body. Well, he touched me now and then and I enjoyed it but one day, when we were alone at home, he tried to force himself on me. He pulled up my frock and I was shocked. I screamed at him, pushed a table and ran out. Luckily I am not a coward and told my brother about him. As expected, he got a big bashing up and didn’t come near me after that.
That was a long time ago and I am totally over that scare. I don’t have any boyfriends now but I am eager to lose my virginity and become a woman. I want it to be a very special occasion. A lot of my friends are no longer virgins and I feel very jealous. At the fast food outlet I work in, there are a couple of really cute guys who always touch me whenever they get a chance but I am having nothing of that. I want it special, I want it big. My girlfriends tell me of their experiences. Sarah, my bestie, is also a virgin but her boyfriend is making his moves. They kiss quite a lot and she tells me that he moves his hand up her top whenever he could and squeezes her boobs. That makes it very erotic for her. I imagine someone doing that to me at home at night and feel all wet and funny. I would love to have a boyfriend too who would pull my hair back, kiss me and touch me everywhere. After the first time, I would like him to be rough with me. I think I would enjoy that.
Right now my plan is to become a model. I would love to pose nude. Some nude photographers are so artistic. I want to feel sophisticated and grown-up. As a start to my career, I did a casting video for defloration.com. I enjoyed this immensely. My body is hot and I know my photographs and videos will be mind blowing. I just hope everything goes smoothly.
I have heard so much about Thomas Stone that when I was asked, I blurted out a yes. I am truly eager to be deflowered by him. As I rubbed my virgin clit in front of the camera, I imagined him near me. I had waxed my pussy especially for the video and it felt so erotic when I touched myself there. I imagined my tits and my booty squeezed by him. What more could a girl want? No boy has touched me like that. It has always been a slight touch on the hand or waist but never erotically. Tommy, I am so looking forward to you. At the same time, I hope I don’t embarrass myself. I am a bit scared as to what will happen even though I have been reassured that he will be gentle. I like the fact that he is not a boy. He’s a man. He will know what to do. I have also never seen a cock ever in real life. Can’t imagine how to get it inside me but I know he will tell me. I will make him happy too and will hopefully make him cum. Till then, I will be watching some videos and learning stuff. My virgin pussy is ready for some action.