Emily Insomnia & Renato. Losing of virginity…

Just two days after my solo video, I got a call from defloweration.com. Renato is the man who will deflower me if I am as eager as before to become a woman. I had to tell them that day itself as arrangements would have to be made. I sat down stunned. This was a big decision but I had already thought about it and was very clear. I had been eagerly waiting for the call. I am ready.

Compared to a lot of girls my age, I am very innocent when it comes to men. I do not know many boys. In my imagination, however, I was always dreaming. I always wanted to lose my virginity in a special way. My friends have all told me that it hurts and I am prepared for this. I had been dreaming that Tommy will break my hymen but Renato is special too.
After the solo video, I have been watching a lot of stuff and seen how men do it and what they like. I feel scared that I will embarrass myself in front of the camera by not knowing what to do. But the producer has assured me that I just need to relax and Renato will know what to do. In order to help me feel special and relax, as a special treat, defloration gave me a spa day just before the shoot. I had a full body massage which made me at ease. Renato did not speak Russian and my producer said he would help in translation so I was completely relaxed when the big day came. This was not a video that I wanted to share with my family or my grandchildren but it was very special to me.
This was the first time I was meeting Renato. Hell, it was the first time I was meeting a man like this, any man. As I did not want to be nude, I had on a snap crotch bodysuit. After the introductions, Renato made my fantasies come true as he kissed me like I had never been kissed before, by pulling me back and owning my mouth with his delightful tongue. His fingers went down an drubbed my crotch and my body pushed itself towards him on its own. I came at his touch but do not know if anyone noticed. He then freed my virgin pussy, which had been freshly waxed and removed my camisole. My teenage boobs ached for his touch and he squeezed them hard. His mouth moved down and omg!!! His mouth did unbelievable stuff on my virgin vagina. He sucked, he licked, he teased, the works. This was the most sensational experience I ever had in my life! Omg!! I moaned and gasped. And then I was in for a surprise (shock) as he revealed his huge cock. This was the first time I saw a men’s cock and his was big. Oh my god, it was so big. I saw videos but I did not know how to suck well and felt very awkward. I hope no one noticed and got a bit nervous as I know what will happen next. Renato caressed my virgin pussy all the time which helped a lot in arousing me and making me less awkward.
It was now time for the big thing. His huge, big dick was going to enter my tiny, tight, virgin vagina. I was suddenly very terrified. I had been told that if at any point of time I did not want to go ahead, the video would be stopped. This reassured me but I wanted to go ahead no matter what. Renato laid me down face up and my legs were up. He very gently first touched his penis on my virgin vagina, gently rubbing it and then eased it in. I had been warned of pain but it was a lot. As he moved in and out, my hymen broke and I could feel it tearing. I know I was bleeding. I did get pleasure too and I know this was an experience I would cherish my whole life.
We wanted to repeat the experience but as my vagina was still painful, I agreed for an anal intercourse. My producer said this was a first in defloration.com. I am making history. Renato was a professional and he rubbed lubricant over my butt hole, preparing me for the biggie. He first helped get the experience with his fingers. His fingers went in and out. I did not realised that I would get such sensations from anal but I was aroused. He then inserted his huge dick which went in smoothly. I curled up which removed the pain. He rode me like I had never seen being done in any video I had seen. Wow! Girls did not know what they were missing. Anal is another thing altogether. There are so many pleasure points! This was a big step for me and I am happy that I had taken it. Every girl gets deflowered but my hymen was broken by a very special man in a once-in-a-lifetime exerience. Thank you, Defloration.com.