Arina Sunflower. Two virgins in bed…

Hello. I am not new to I have already done my solo casting video here. I am 18 years old and have come a long way from my home that is in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. I do not trust boys and the producer arranged my virginity to be taken by a girl! I was amazed that this could be done and it was a once in a lifetime experience that is very special for me.

I have been poor all my life. As both my parents were killed in a bus accident long ago, I was adopted by my aunt as a little girl. Even though she loved me, I was also made to look after the house and her children. I did not mind as I got good food to eat and good clothes. I did not continue my studies after college and worked as a maid in the home of a local politician. It was his wife who showed me I ran away from home one day to come for the solo video shoot after I turned 18. It was my first professional photo shoot and even though I felt very awkward at first, I relaxed with the producer’s encouragement and masturbated in front of the whole world. It felt free and erotic and I was ready for more.
I had a boyfriend at that time but I was still a virgin because I was scared of pain. All my friends had lost their virginity and I was the last one. My boyfriend was having an affair with the politician’s wife. I came to know about this later when one of my friends told me. Both of them were making a fool out of me. I spoke to the producer at about his offer. I was ready to lose my virginity in their studio with a professional but not a man. I hated men and couldn’t trust them anymore.
I got a message very soon. The day before I lost my virginity I had a spa session with hair treatment and a fantastic relaxing massage. My masseur was so good with her fingers that I managed to cum several times during the session. It was embarrassing for me but she helped me relax. As I waited in the studio on the special day, I had no idea of what to expect. I had only seen videos of deflowering by men and I hoped my producer would keep his word and bring in a girl who I can be at ease. He gave me the most pleasant surprise of telling me that it was the same girl who massaged me, Candy or Amy Ledenez. Amy too had earlier lost her virginity here and was familiar with my feelings. I was relieved and happy to see her.
Amy was amazing. I am awestruck with her beauty. As she hugged me, I could feel her boobs through her top and immediately I felt aroused. I was still nervous about losing my virginity but Amy managed to calm me down. As she undressed me, I felt as if a lover was caressing me. I forgot about the cameras. She sucked on my nipples and pulled on them with her tongue. Aaahhh… it was mazing. It was the first time someone did this to me. As he tongue went down, down and down, I couldn’t stop moaning. It was most erotic!! She removed my panties and then sucked at my virgin pussy till I could not control myself any longer. My God! This girl was everything I was looking for in a lover. Her boobs touched me as she moved down and the sensation was amazing.
When she thrust her fingers inside me, gently at first and then faster, I came again and again. I too pleasured her and it felt so liberating. I never felt this way about a man ever. We did the 69 position and I became a bit bolder, following whatever she was doing to me. I could sense that she too enjoyed my fingers and tongue at work.
Amy asked me to go doggy style, with my legs folded under me and she flicked her fingers in and out of my virgin vagina, till it pierced my hymen finally. It was painful but I had so much pleasure that I did not realise the pain until it was over. The experience was exhilarating and super sensuous! All my life, I felt insecure because of my small boobs and because I was very poor. Today Amy managed to make me feel like the most beautiful girl on earth. I feel like I would be able to become a top model. I felt I could do anything. I touched her face, I think I am in love with her. Our producer too must have realised that and left us alone to lie down and make love to each other again.