Enzio Ricci. My first time…

Hey there! It’s so good to be here you can’t imagine. I love modeling and am a professional model. This was something else though. I feel excited, and Alive! And Sergey spoke about Tommy too so that’s another adventure that I am waiting for…but I am moving ahead of my story…

I was always a bad girl. I mean I don’t kill people or anything like that but you know what I mean! My parents are the sweetest darlings and they thought their daughter was an angel. In fact my mom made me sit down on my 16th birthday and tried to speak to me about the birds and the bees…and I tried to listen with a solemn face! I am from Hungary where I work now as a professional model, and yes, I am a virgin! That does not mean I have not experienced the pleasures of my body…as I said, I am a bad girl!
My girlfriend Christine and I have always stayed near each other…since first grade. We went to the same school and danced together and frankly speaking, we didn’t need anyone else. It was a long time ago, I don’t exactly remember which grade we were in but once her cousin had come for a visit. He used her computer while he was there. And then suddenly, one day after he left, I get an excited call from Christine asking me to come over. I rush over and she drags me into her room, locks the doors and shows me a film on the computer that had been left behind perhaps by mistake by her cousin! OMG! We watched open mouthed. I loved the way the man sucked the tits of the girl while another was licking her pussy. And then the men too removed and undies and we squeezed each other’s hands as they revealed the largest dicks we could have imagined. I felt so aroused and I knew Christine too felt the same. The door was locked and I slowly took off her top and moved my hands around her teenage tits. They were just budding and she did not say anything…just lightly moaned. She then pushed me down, took off my dress and touched me from top to bottom. It felt so good! This was our beginning. As I said we never needed anyone else.
We learned new ways of giving pleasure to each other…my favorite is when I lie down with my legs spread and she licks my virgin clit, her tongue moving through each layer, and she too has her clit over my face and I do the same thing to her. We come at the same time and then fall back on the bed. Sometimes we both masturbate at the same time, the sight of each other arousing us all the more. We do not use anything like dildos and just our hands and lips are enough…gentle but full of sweetness!
My 16th birthday was a big day. My mother as I told you, made me sit down and listen to how I should be careful..but this is something we girls all already knew. Two girls at school had become pregnant and we all knew that this is something that is foolish. Virginity is not something that should be given away so lightly. Christine and I are clear on this. I hated good boys anyway…want my man to be bad and more adventurous while the boys at school were so super polite! Anyway, I couldn’t say all this to my mom and so listened to her while nodding my head and then my father came in and announced that he had a surprise!
I was so excited because I love surprises…and he said he had to take me driving for this one. I was all the more excited. We drove down to the suburbs and then entered Marcell’s Stables! Riding lessons! That was my surprise… my dad was covered in kisses by me! Marcell himself was there, grinning to see me so excited. He looked tanned and muscular and for a while I went off dreaming…
My first lesson was that day itself. I was introduced and then put on a horse while dad watched from far. First a walk around and then a gentle trot. I wasn’t scared at all but I experienced a different kind of feeling. My virgin clit was quivering with the new sensations. I shifted myself to allow the lips to open, bend a bit forward and aaaahhhh…the pleasure the horse gave me was so good. I forgot about Marcell and my Dad and went into another world from which I was rudely awoken when Marcell pulled the reins and stopped the trot. I went home in a daze and did not even tell Christine about this. At home, I rushed into the bathroom, took off my clothes, sat on the floor and rubbed my virgin vulva with my fingers until I came with a rush!
On the third day, I discovered that if a moved my pelvis a little to the left, I get a position that was sheer heaven. As the horse jogged at a gentle canter, there were electric waves moving from my virgin clitoris inwards…I don’t know to where…I barely held on as the waves stunned me. The next day, I experienced the same but as I came around the corner, coach Marcell wanted to help teach me my landing and he held my waist, his fingers slightly sliding on to my bare bottom beneath my breeches. I was already overcome with the weird pleasurable sensations after riding and his touch made me blush with intense feeling. The blood rushed to my head, making me dizzy with excitement. I am sure he didn’t notice as he was also shouting something to someone else but I was lost. I experienced the strongest orgasm I ever felt and fell off the horse!! It was so embarrassing but I was still not in my senses and coach too was feeling it was his fault for not holding on to me properly so everything remained unnoticed.
I no longer go for horse riding but the memories and sensations I experienced will stay with me forever. Poor Coach Marcell…he never knew what was happening…haha!! I then moved on to professional modeling after school while Christine went to Paris to enroll in a course for Interior Design. I still dance on and off whenever I get time but somehow life had become dull. I pose for products and my figure shows off dresses very well and I am paid quite well too but there is a fire in me that needs some kindling. I touch my pussy while I dream…my unshaven pussy for I don’t like to shave down there unless of course there is a lingerie advertisement the next day that I need to shoot for.
Men of course have made passes but it makes me feel embarrassed. I do not want a regular, good boy. I want a man. And when I applied to defloration.com and came for the shoot, the producer asked me about losing my virginity with Tommy…and boy, was I ready! He is exactly the man I look forward to breaking my hymen. He is experienced, will be gentle as well as forceful at the same time and yes, I look forward to the next adventure with all my heart! The best part is Sergey says, we’ll keep it a secret from Tommy till the last minute… ssshhhh!