Galina Kurnosaya. Losing of my virginity…

It was not an ordinary day. I had been waiting for it for so long, full of excitement and nervousness. Will I be able to do it? What if they didn’t like me? What if I panicked? In the end nothing happened. The photographer and producer were too kind and professional for me to feel scared any longer and I felt like I was doing photo-shoots and videos all my life. All thanks to, I , Galina, a 18-yr-old inexperienced virgin have taken my first step towards my dream of becoming a model!

I am an ordinary girl from St. Petersburg. I love dancing, having ice-cream and eating out with my friends. This is where I grew up and I love my city. We are not rich and I had never realized this earlier. But now I know and I try to contribute to the family by working as a guide. A father is a accounts officer in a company here but the pay is just barely enough to live on. When I was small, I thought we had no problems but I was wrong. We can’t take a holiday whenever we want and then too nearby places. My mother too works as a teacher in a nursery school but we don’t earn enough as a family to travel all over the world as I want to.
My father had a talk with me and I told him about my dream to become a model. He told me very frankly that he cannot send me to a modeling school as I have two younger siblings still in school and whatever I do and become will have to be from my own efforts. He has always given me the best and I had never had to ask him for anything so this time I am determined to make it on my own. I joined a travel agency as soon as I passed from school and I love showing people around our beautiful city. When I go to pick them up, I take a glance around the beautiful hotels and restaurants and promise myself that someday I too will travel like this and take my family too with me.
Last month, a woman who works for our agency had a coffee with me. While talking she generally mentioned about and I was very interested. I did not show her my interest but went home and looked it up. There was an email address and hesitantly I sent a mail. Will they look at it? It was a pleasant surprise when I got a reply back. They had a number of questions: was I 18 years old? Was I a virgin? Do I have any previous modeling experience? I replied positively to all queries except the last. Alas, I had no previous experience. I also sent a photograph. After a week of impatient waiting, I got the reply. They wanted to do a shoot with me! Yippee! I was so happy. This would help a great deal in both money as well as in experience.
However, I had some inner devils that I had to fight before this. As I said I am an ordinary girl with regular likes and feelings. So of course as any other teenage girl, I too fell in love. He was seven years elder to me. I was in high school. I felt so proud of having him as a boyfriend. He would wait outside school for me and bring me such beautiful gifts. He took me out for dates. When we watched movies, he would keep his am around me and I felt so good and protected. One Sunday, he wanted to take me out for sailing. I lied to my parents and slipped out. He had a beautiful boat ready and I excitedly walked in. As I was scared of motion sickness, he said we will have fun without sailing as there were no other boats nearby. I was given a glass of champagne and as I clinked my glass with his, I felt like a sophisticated adult. He came and sat near me. His body was touching mine and I was feeling gently aroused. He then moved his hand around me, lifting my top and moving up to touch my teenage boobs. I think he already had a lot to drink as he was slurring. He slipped his legs over me and pushed me on to the floor. My top was raised and he started biting my nipples. I was struggling by this time as I realized he was not his usual self. As he started to lift my skirt and pull down my panties, I scratched his face. He slapped me hard and then got up a bit to take off his pants. I immediately got up and ran…Oh my dear god…the way I ran. Luckily for me the boat was still anchored. I rushed down, my hair disheveled and kept running until I realized he was not following me. This incident happened 3 years ago and I haven’t been able to become friendly with another boy since then. My friends keep telling me that this was a bad incident and to come out of it. In fact even the man had sent me a note of apology and flowers later but he too did not have to courage to face me. This is why I wanted to do this session with I am sure this will help me a lot to overcome my fear and become more confident.
Now that I have done it, I am so happy. I love my body. I want to share it with someone one day… but with my consent, not with force. A big thank you to everyone at for helping me overcome this fear and gain back my confidence again!!!