Polina Temyanova

I love modeling, I love my body. I love the way my virgin nipples react when my hand moves up and rubs my tits. Hello, I am Polina. Welcome to my world. This is my escape, the imaginary paradise I escape to when I feel very low. I was nervous before my solo video but now I am so happy that I did it. I waited for so long for this and as soon as my 18th birthday was over, I went in for it! Even though my boyfriend hated it when I wanted to model, I am all for it. I am 18 years old, a virgin from St. Petersburg, ready to take on the world.

Many years ago, when I was 8 years old, my father ran away from home. We do not know why. My aunt tells me that he loved the sea and ran away to travel in a ship around the world. My mother does not speak about him at all. I have two younger brothers and as my mother really hates them, I did most of the bringing up. My mother was not working when my father deserted us. My youngest brother was just 1 year old. I was old enough to understand that things were not good. She did not have any qualifications and hadn’t worked anywhere even for a single day. But suddenly, things got better, my mother had a job and I looked after the house. It was only when I was 12, I realized that my mother worked in an escort agency. I still didn’t know exactly what it was that she did but her work was mostly in the evenings. She used to sleep late and by that time all three of us would be out of the house and in school. I always kept her meals ready for her.
My mother took care of the shopping while I looked after the house. Now I of course know what an escort service is and what she must be doing but as she kept her home very separate from her work, it really did not affect us. Except for Uncle Alex. Uncle Alex is the ex-husband of her once best friend. He fancies he is in love with our mother and she encourages her. He often drops in while we are at school. I know that because I clean her room and know he’s been there. I do not ask any questions for I know she will just hit me on the head.
I hated it when I first saw him with her. It was during my early teens. I came home early as my school had given a half day. I tiptoed past her home because I knew she would be sleeping and I heard some noise. A giggle. I couldn’t believe my ears. My mother was giggling. The door was slightly ajar and I sat on the floor and peeped in. My mother was lying on her bed, completely naked and a man had his head inside her pussy. She was pushing him against her and his hands were squeezing her boobs tight. As he got up, his cock was erect and I could see he was Uncle Alex. I gasped and my mother heard me. She immediately sprang from her bed, pulled my hair and gave me a tight slap. As I ran away I was crying hard.
Later I stood naked in front of the mirror and tried to look at myself. It was very embarrassing. My teenage tits were just developing, my virgin pussy was just getting a bit hairy and I really could not look at myself. Closing my eyes, I touched myself, imagining the scene I had seen. I was also very confused about whether this was okay. When I was 15, I got a boyfriend. He was very good looking and all the girls were after him. I felt quite smug when he showed his interest in me but he seemed to be more interested in my body than in me. While surfing the net one day, I came across defloration.com. I couldn’t access it but it got me thinking. I spoke about it to my boyfriend and he hated it. I was just for him, he said. I was quite pleased about it then but later this attitude suffocated me and I did not also want to go the whole way with him then.
After passing out from school, I broke up with him. I started work in an electronics shop. My boss was cool and also let me use his Internet. I was shocked when I saw his network open to defloration.com one day and I was amazed by the stories of the beautiful virgin girls. That night, I immediately wrote and sent an email from home. This was something I really wanted to do. Mainly for the money because my mother did not give me a single ruble for myself! I also want to be known and famous.
When I got back the reply saying I was underage, I waited and as soon as I turned 18, I went to them. I did not tell anyone. I deserve something more from life and not just the money I earned but also the experience which I cherished. I want more of this life!!