Elvira Nunah

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It was some years ago. My teenage boobs were budding and I felt really awkward. I grew shy and quiet. But one day something happened that changed it all. I was on a visit to my grandmother’s house in a small village. She had a maid to help her with her house work and in the evening the girl used to take me out with her on walks. She had a boyfriend and they would meet in a park behind some trees and I would sit nearby while they chatted. She was wearing a tshirt without anything inside. I watched her breasts as they were clearly visible against the material. Her nipples were pointy and straining against the shirt. I was sitting next to them on a bench but I think both of them forgot about me. Her boyfriend was very excited and talking a lot. He then suddenly put his mouth on her boobs and rubbed his face on them. With one hand he lifted her shirt and I could clearly see her pink nipples. He ushed her against the bench and started sucking them. I was fascinated and my virgin pussy was aching like mad. I too felt my budding teenage breasts and rubbed them. She started moaning and put her hand on his pants. I could see a big bulge in his trouser. He drea her near him and started rubbing her under her skirt. She started arching forward and moaned and then shuddered. I was so excited by all this that I gasped. She suddenly remembered me and pushed him aside and pulled me towards home. But I was too excited.
That night I stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror and tried to imagine someone doing that to me. I touched my virgin pussy which was tight and soft, I touched my little teenage tits. I wanted to show my body to the world. Early morning I woke up and heard sounds outside. I knew the maid was coming in to check on me and draw the curtains. I lifted my top so that my teenage boobs were revealed and pretended to be sleeping. I heard the door open and I moaned as if in sleep and stretched my hand. I knew she could see my small teenage tits and I felt a tingling in my virgin pussy.
After I returned home, I took to sleeping naked. I would open my windows wide and sit on the window sill completely naked. My neighbour’s son had his room just opposite mine and he was a computer nerd about five years elder to me. The first time I did this I wore a thin slip and let one side fall off as if accidently. I pretended to be dreaming and had a book in my hand. I could see him from the side of my eye and he caught sight of me suddenly and stood there at his window staring at me. I stretched and very casually took my slip off revealing my teenage breasts and my virgin pussy with some hair on it. I did not look at him but I imagined his state. From then on I did this quite often and in different ways. I would then get so hot and excited that I had to masturbate. In the beginning I used to go into my bathroom to touch myself intimately but later grew bold and would masturbate in front of the open window. I would imagine him looking and would cum several times.
Outside I am still the same and do not talk much with boys and remained a virgin. I never interact with my neighbour’s son and as he went off soon to university, I grew out of that phase. Six months ago I had my first boyfriend. We met in college and are in love. I love teasing him but do not want to lose my virginity in a casual way. I want my first time to be spectacular. I have requested the producer about losing it in front of the camera with my boyfriend and he has agreed. I am so excited. The money I can make will help me a lot and this makes me feel I also have potential for the movie industry. I wish my dreams come true!