Masha Johansson . Yes! I lost my virginity

Hey there! This is Masha from Russia.
I have great news for you. Finally I have lost my virginity!You can download my 4K video here

Hey there! It’s me again! My first casting left me with extremely positive emotions. That is why I am here again and do not even think to give up my dream of becoming a professional model. I believe that all models working in the porn business are much more honest and freer than those girls who are required to walk on the catwalk. I like it. Today I came to the set again to finally say goodbye to my virginity. And by that I mean that I want to lose all the virginity that a girl can lose. It may seem strange to someone, but I believe that if you start to know the world of sex, you need to start doing it, completely and completely imagining what sex can be. That is why I want to try both options at once: vaginal sex and anal. Some of my friends told me that vaginal sex is good and anal sex is bad. But in my opinion, most of my friends live in ancient stereotypes and do not even want to try what is condemned. I don’t know why, but I have some confidence that anal sex is cool. In the end, I think if anal sex really didn’t bring pleasure, then people just wouldn’t do it. I’m sure many people will find my solution strange. It even sounds a little wild that an innocent girl is going to know all the charms of all the variations of sex at once on the same day. But I don’t care what anyone thinks. I personally believe that if you start something new, then this should be brought to the end and done to the maximum. The process itself was very pleasant and cool. Despite the fact that my partner and I could not talk to each other, everything went to the highest level. Perhaps it is not so bad that Renato and I did not have a common language in which we could both speak. His professionalism spoke for himself and any other words would be unnecessary. You know, I think there are men who are just attractive and who have had a lot of women. And there is other type of men like my wonderful partner. He not only has a lot of experience, but also really knows how to correctly use the knowledge and skills that he has. He knew in detail exactly what and how to do. In each of his touches, I felt honed skill and absolute confidence in what to do. I am very glad that my first man was just that. I think many girls have the wrong impression of sex in general because of the unsuccessful first time. But this does not come to me at all. My first time was exactly what many girls dream of and imagine masturbating at night under a blanket. I’m more than happy and satisfied. Today was certainly unforgettable and will forever remain in my memory as an amazing memory. Today gave me not only a new long-awaited experience, but also opened the door to the profession with which I want to connect my future life.