Masha Johansson. I can handle men now and have enough will power to lose my virginity to only someone I want to.

Hey there! This is Masha from Ufa, Russia. I turned 18 just two days ago! This is all so exciting for me. I have always wanted to get out of frigid Ufa and now I think I have managed to do just that! Soon, you will see me as a professional model.

Well, what do I tell you about myself? My story is probably a bit boring. I come from a place that is very, very cold. I hate it. My father works as an assistant to a scientist in a university here. I stay with him. He is so absent minded that sometimes he forgets I am there. I like it this way as I can mostly do what I want to without anyone interfering. My mother no longer stays with us. My friends too love coming over to our house as they feel very free here.
Despite all the freedom, I did not know much about sex till quite late. I learnt about masturbating only a couple of years ago while most of my friends were already masters of the game. My girl friends have always said that I am beautiful and my lips are like Scarlet Johansson. I hope to be a superstar in modelling just like she is in films. I was always popular in school and boys liked to make friends with me. Some took the chance to sneak a kiss in between but I was not easy. I had my ground rules and have always known these boys are not for me. I wanted someone bigger, no pun intended!
When I turned 16, I went for my first fashion show…well kind of. I t was organised by a local youth group to raise funds. Some designers had come and I and some other girls got the chance to work as models. I was thrilled. In my case, I got over excited by being around such fancy people from Moscow and it was just by luck that nothing serious happened to me. One of the designers, I won’t say the name now, was always paying me attention during the rehearsals. I was modelling his clothes and despite a seamstress being there to make alterations, he was the one to fit me.
Well, the first day at rehearsals, I had no clue of what happens. I was assigned to the designer and he took me off to a corner and showed me the design I would wear and told me about what he wanted from me. We were sitting close to each other and he his hand went around the waist and stayed there. It would move a bit up once in a while but frankly speaking I liked it a bit and felt important so I let it be. I wanted him to think of me as a professional city girl. We were given a studio for fittings and I was asked to strip down so that he could measure me. I kept my panties on but had to take off my top. He took a long time measuring me out and in between I could feel his hands move slower as they moved across my teenage tits.
The seamstress too was present and she too touched me a lot while adjusting fabrics etc as I suppose she had to but I experienced all sorts of feelings each time their hands moved over me. While measuring the area between my legs, my designer caressed my virgin pussy and I got all wet. I think he immediately knew how he was affecting me but I tried hard to remain professional. That night I couldn’t sleep. I kept running my hand over my virgin vagina. I got completely naked in the bathroom and touched myself everywhere looking straight at the mirror. My teenage boobs were erect and as I rubbed the lips of my virgin labia, I felt wave after wave of sensation overcoming me. It was my first orgasm.
From the next day, I enjoyed each time the designer ran his hands over my teenage tits. The day of the fashion show, during each change backstage, I was totally naked between dresses and he stood behind me and pressed my teenage boobs with his hands while pressing his big cock against my ass. With one hand he rubbed my virgin pussy. Luckily the seamstress rushed in and he quickly let go of me. I was very nervous. Even though I enjoyed his attention till then I did not want to lose my virginity. Immediately after the show, I left and did not see him again. However, now I have made up my mind to become a model as I know I can do it. And I can handle men now and have enough will power to lose my virginity to only someone I want to. Thanks for this opportunity!