Jennifer Anixton

I am an 18-year-old virgin from Ukraine. I am the only daughter of my mother. We stay together over the small tea house that she runs in Odesa. I want to earn money to help her pay off her loans and then travel if possible.

It was a very lucky day for me when I got to know about I already got paid and am thrilled.
My mom had run away to the USA when she was a teenager. She stayed in Los Angeles for two years. When she was nineteen, she got pregnant and had to come back to Ukraine. I was born here. I have no idea who my father is and my mom doesn’t say. She tells me it is not important but I need to know. When I earn enough money, I want to travel to the USA and try and find him. I have a few relatives staying there and I am sure they will keep me with them for a few days.

I have worked in a few places after I finished school but my main plan is to join films or do some modelling. A few years ago, I had once gone to see a film with a few friends. We went straight from school. It was an 18+ film but we were not stopped as we dressed like college students. The film was called ‘Doctors in Love’. It was the first time I saw an erotic movie. When I saw the nurse in the big screen sucking the big dick of the young doctor, I felt so weird in my pussy that I grabbed my friend’s hand. While we were looking with my mouths open at the screen, she put her hand up my skirt and started touching my virgin pussy. I opened my legs a little and really enjoyed the sensuous feeling. She kept rubbing me until I came. This was my first time. She pulled my hand and laid it on her pussy to do the same thing. The movie theatre was almost empty and no one saw us. Our other friends did not see or pretended not to. This was a first experience for me and I will never forget it. We never repeated the same again.

After this, at home, I started to touch myself. I would imagined being made to stand with my naked butt out, holding a table with my hands. The doctor would come forward to give me and injection and then his hands would come forward and caress my virgin pussy. His big, long cock would start rubbing against my ass and then he would put it inside me. While imagining this, I would put my little finger into my ass and caress my pussy with the other hand. It was such an erotic feeling that I was able to come again and again. Sometimes, he would be rough, sometimes, he would be gentle and pull me towards me and suck ,y teenage boobs. I did not tell anyone about my fantasy. This is the first time I am revealing it.

I do not have any boyfriends and am a bit shy with boys. As I do not have my father at home, I do not have any male contact and do not know how to talk with boys. Sometimes in school, boys would smile at me and once, a boy had squeezed my teenage boobs while we were doing a fire drill. One more time, while travelling by bus, I had a grown man sitting near me who touched my teenage tits with his elbow all the time w were in the bus. I tried to move but it was strangely erotic. I could see his pants swelling up as he continued to touch my teenage boobs. As soon as I got off the bus, I rushed home and took off my clothes. I lay naked on the bed and imagined that doctor of the movie, on top of me, licking my teenage tit, moving down and then licking my virgin pushing. His tongue penetrated into my virgin clit and moved in and out, making me cum in his mouth. It was the most fantastic feeling.
Yesterday in the studio, I had a similar experience. I loved exposing my body and seeing the reaction on the producer. I think I want to do porn movies. Now I am 18 and I can do whatever I want to. I will be paid well too and can fulfil my dream of finding my father. My mom too wanted to be an actress but it did not work out for her. I know I can make good in acting. I haven’t told her as yet but will do after some time. I am sure I can make it big in USA.