Amelie Loren, Losing of virginity

Right after my solo shooting I got invited to lose my virginity here as well! That’s because I’m looking so crazy hot!

The first shooting went very well and then we agreed on shootings in many different locations including a swimming pool in the most beautiful villa ever! It was located on the borders of Budapest, and Continue reading Amelie Loren, Losing of virginity

Amelie Loren, Italian beauty

Hello! My name is Amelie Loren and I’m a 18 years old virgin! I grew up in a Verona, Italy. It’s a very beautiful town and I think I was the hottest girl in town ever since my childhood!

All the boys in schools wanted to be with me. My mother was a teacher at the school went too and my father was the director of that school, lets just say that I was very lucky in there. No matter what I did and most of the time I was good girl, I could never really in trouble. I was also attending many extra Continue reading Amelie Loren, Italian beauty