Anka Minetchica. Part 1.

Hello, My name is Anka and I am a young girl from Russia. One of my girlfriends told me that when I turned 18, she knew of this producer I could approach and he would help me enter the career as a porn star.


My friend, who is a little bit older than I, told me of how this man would first film a solo video of me and my virgin hymen and then a few weeks later he would have a porn star take my prized virginity and then submit my video to other producers and I could become a porn star.

I very much wanted this, so I made contact with him. He is from Russia like I am and the communication was easy and honest. I liked the producer very much from our communication and I was very careful with my virtue. He warned me that if I were still not a virgin by the time he shot my solo video or remained a virgin throughout the process, he would not be able to continue as Tommy was The Virgin Whisperer and while he may find me beautiful and attractive, if I were not a virgin, then neither his porn star or his clients would be interested in me. So, even with all the boys lining up wanting my innocence, I kept it locked down tight and waited until I could travel to Budapest and meet my innocence taker.

When I arrived in Budapest, I was struck with the beauty of the city. The nightlife was incredible and the beauty of the women was awe striking. And the handsome men were more than eager to take the beautiful girls home to their beds. It was difficult to remain chaste while I was there, but I had been watching the videos on and keeping my virtue intact just so I could make some money by sharing with you my virgin pussy and letting one of the porn stars take my innocence for your pleasure.

I was nervous at first, It was strange to take my clothes off for a strange man, but the photographer was kind and gracious and soon, he had me at such ease that I laughed genuinely with him and enjoyed the picture taking and video shoot.

I was slightly intimidated at first when he wanted me to finger myself to orgasm. I’dd seen such videos on his web-site and had seen some videos of the careers of some of the virgins he had help start their career. As we continued with the picture taking, I began to enjoy myself very much and I wondered who would take my virginity. Would I be lucky enough to have Tommy take my hymen or would it be handsome Renato? I had thought that maybe Antonio might do the honors, but was grateful that it would be Tommy. I mean Antonio has a nice dick and all, but the videos I had seen of him showed me how enthusiastic he was and I just was not prepared for that kind of defloration. No, the photographer promised me Tommy and I was glad it would be him.

So, while you are watching me play with myself, the smiles you see are for Tommy and for you.

Life was not as carefree for me as it may seem. My father and I were in a tragic automobile accident when I was just 15. I survived, but my father, still young, handsome and virile did not. He died of his injuries and my heart was lost. I became a little overenthusiastic about life itself. My heart was hurting and the only thing that eased that pain was found in being wild and free with my life. Yet, I still did not give up my innocence; I kept it close to my heart.

My girlfriend stood by me as I healed from my injuries and she is the one who watched and she is the one who encouraged me to watch the videos with her. Inn fact, when I watched her and Tommy in a video, I was quite surprised! I had no idea she had sold her virginity to Tommy for the cameras! It was shocking scandalous even and very, very hot.

While the thought began in her head that I should sell my innocent virgin teen pussy for extra money, the thought began to form in my head that this is what I should do with my life, become a porn star. After my father died, I knew that I had a lot of living to do in his honor and that I would do so without reservations by becoming a carefree individual and by doing what would make me happy and after many hours masturbating to videos of virgins that Tommy had taken, I knew that this was not going to be a one-off type of adventure. No, I was going to embrace losing my virginity to Tommy and I was going to live life to its fullest as a porn star in Budapest and as I packed my bags to make the trip, I knew that I was leaving my old life behind and walking straight into the arms of the man who would start my career by taking my innocence.

By the time I had finished my solo video, I can’t believe how hot just rubbing myself in front of a professional would feel. Though I had masturbated many times to his films
I still was not prepared for the fun I would have. At first, I was a tiny bit intimidated, but the photographer was kind and he let me lead the way instead of him telling me what to do. I think it came through as being very natural and enjoyable and I know that you have enjoyed my solo video as many times as I have.
When I left the studio, my pussy was swollen and wet. I returned to where I was staying and with the raw footage in hand, I watched myself over and over as I came for the camera and came against my hand. By the time the evening dinner had come, I was even wetter and my pussy was so swollen and dripping with my cum that I had no choice but to order room service. I was slightly embarrassed when the waiter delivered dinner and he could smell the air of my sex and while that alone made me hornier than I had been at the studios, I knew I must keep my virtue intact. Yet, here I was, horny, with my dinner on my plate and a handsome young man in front of me. It was all I could think about as I watched his erection began to form. I offered him the money for the dinner and he offered me his cock.


I could not, no matter how much I wanted to, lose my innocence to him as my upcoming video with Tommy was important for the money and for what I hoped would be a good career. So, I took a breath, grabbed his cock and squeezed it tightly as it grew even larger in my hand. I made it very clear that I was a virgin and that no matter what we did that night, I would remain a virgin. He agreed, kissed me hard on the lips and left me to my dinner until his shift was over and he was free to play with me.


But, for now, that is all that I shall tell you. I shall come back to you soon and finish my story as it contains more about the handsome waiter, the kind photographer and of course, Tommy and that incredible dick of his.

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