Franchesca Loses Her Virginity

Fan Mail:

Dear Franchesca,

I know you were once a virgin, too.  Would you share your story with us, too?

Luz (from Brazil)

Dear Luz,

I shall be happy to share with you my virgin secret, but I have also had a request as to tell the story of the best sex of my life from a fan in India.  Sadly, they are not the same story, but I am sure you will enjoy them both.

Franchesca Loses Her Virginity

The loss of my virginity came more from necessity than it did from anything romantic.  I had grown up with my boyfriend David as his father was in charge of my father’s security detail.

David’s family travelled wherever we travelled and since David’s father had been in my father’s employ since before either of us were born, we grew up together, played together, went to school together, went to church together, so it was not so far out of the reach of possibility that we would end up together in love, which we did.

Growing up, David was quite protective of me.  His father tool the security of my family quite seriously and so did David.  Heaven forbid someone would look at me cross-eyed or be mean to me.  They would have to answer with David and as David grew tall and strong (and quite handsome, too) they usually had to answer to David’s fist.

The school yards were littered with the bloodied noses and blackened eyes of those who dared to mess with me.  I loved it!  And as I grew from a little girl to a young woman, my love for David grew as well.

I think I was about 13 when David first kissed me.  We had travelled to the seaside early one summer and as the sun grew low in the sky a breeze came up and ruffled my sundress and my hair.  I heard David gasp behind me and when I turned to see what was the matter, he titled his head to the side a little and looked at me as if he were seeing me for the very first time.  He had beautiful green eyes and was quite tall, even for such a young age, and his skin glowed with the setting sun.  It was the first time I had really looked at his eyes and we both just stared at each other.  He brought his had up to my face and tucked a piece of my hair that had come loose from my barrette in the breeze behind my ear.  His hand lingered on the side of my cheek and it felt warm as if my cheek was being kissed by the setting sun.  Before I could even comprehend what was happening, David crushed his lips to mine and pulled me into his side as if I would even try to escape that kiss.  It was a clumsy kiss at first; I had never kissed a boy before and I was quite sure that I was the first girl that David had ever kissed, but soon, his lips began to move around mine as if her were tasting the salt spray from the ocean and then gently, his tongue began to probe my outer lips, first gently and then more forcefully as he tried to open my mouth with his tongue.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from that, kissing was the furthest thing from my mind until he kissed me and I had never shown any interest in the opposite sex as so many girls do now at ages much younger than I at the time.  But once I let him into my mouth, I was hooked.  I tasted everything that made up David including the strawberries we had for dessert an hour earlier.  I had never tasted anything as wonderful  as David’s mouth before and I was quite sure that I would never taste anything as wonderful as David’s mouth in the future.  If I could have imagined it at the age of 13, I would have said that I would have gladly stayed with David my entire life.

I don’t remember how long we kissed that night.  It seemed as if that kiss went on forever and when we broke from that kiss, we had lost our breath.  At the age of 13, I felt David’s hardness, but had no idea that was an erection and I felt damp between my legs, but I had no idea that was arousal.  The tiny little nubs on what I was learning were my breasts were pebbled and hard and I liked, no I loved the feeling that was pulsing through my body.  I did not understand these feelings and I did not know what they meant at the time, but I knew I wanted to feel them often and I knew I wanted to feel them forever.

David held me there close to his side as we watched the sun dip low below the edge of the horizon.  We said no words, time ceased to exist, we were aware of no others as we watched the horizon pale and become dark.  The lights along the boardwalk came to life as if on cue and David took my hand as we walked back to the hotel where we were all staying.  He stopped outside my villa door and pulled me into a hug.  I bent my head back to look into his eyes and my soul melted at the look in them.  I felt the hardness growing again between my breasts and looked down to see how his shorts began to tighten and his hardness began to elongate.  We were only 13!  Well, I had just turned 13 and David was 6 months older, but I did not understand what was happening and what was occurring between my breasts.  David gently took my chin in his hand and lowered his head to mine and kissed me again.  Again, I had no perception of time then, the entire universe ceased to exist while his lips were against mine and while our tongues were exploring and tasting each other.  I heard him make a wistful sigh as he stepped back.  He just looked at me as if he were seeing me for the first time and I looked at him as if seeing him for the first time;we spoke no words as he started to back away and I watched until the landscape forced him to turn away and at that moment, the lock our eyes had on each other was broken and with a little sigh of my own, I entered my villa, unaware of the momentous occasion that had just happened, but forever changed because of it.

The next morning dawned bright and hot and I was as eager to get down to the beach as I was to see David.  I was afraid that our kiss had changed everything.  I still wanted him as my best friend, but I also wanted his kisses.  Would I be forced to choose between one or the other?  My question was answered at breakfast.

I had put on my little bikini and a white lace sundress over it.  Our families met for breakfast in the hotel lobby.  I was already seated when David arrived.  His eyes shimmered green and blue and he looked straight at me.  He didn’t give me a shy smile, no, the smile he gave me was over the moon bright and it reached his ears and then kept going.  Not even the stratosphere could have stopped that smile of his.  He joined me at the table for the first time sitting next to me, instead of sitting across from me.  His brother noticed the change in our usual routine and as he arched his eyebrow, he let go a soft chuckle.  “Randy,” his mother asked, “What are you finding so funny this early in the day?”  “Nothing, Mother” he replied “It just seems that the more things change the more they seem to stay the same.”  The answer seemed to placate his mother’s curiosity as she went back to eating and chatting with my mother.  David and I ordered our breakfast and he leaned over to whisper into my ear, “I’m pretty sure this is love, Franchesca.”  My breath hitched as he grabbed my hand and continued whispering to me, “I love you Franchesca, I always have and I always will until the day I take my very last breath.”  I’m sure my eyes went wide as saucers, after all, we were only 13 and here David was proclaiming his undying love to me.  He rendered me speechless with his declaration and it was all I could do to breathe.  The waiter placed our plates in front of us and as we started to eat, David softly took my hand and brought it to cover his erection.  As he placed my hand over it, he rubbed my hand back and forth and not only could I feel it growing bigger, I could feel the intense heat coming from it.  He leaned into me again and whispered in my ear”This is all because of you, and it is all for you.  As long as we live, this will always be for you.”  I chocked slightly at the realization of the depth of what he was saying and he was quick to pat me on my back and come to my rescue with a glass of water.  But his hand never left mine as he continued to stroke his erection with my hand.

That summer came quickly to an end and we returned home to school and responsibilities.  Not a day went by without David and I kissing, sometimes for hours on end.  Sometimes it was one deeply passionate kiss after another and sometimes it was just a gentle quick kiss just before class.

As the school year wore on, we met clandestinely in the library reading up on sex and trying to find out everything and anything we could that would explain our feelings and why David’s penis grew whenever we were close and why I would be damp between my legs that by the time our 16th summer arrived, we were very well educated in what sex was and how you did it.

David had turned 16 the previous January, I would turn 16 in a few short weeks.  Between his birthday and the day we lost our virginity to each other we had become very adept and giving each other orgasms and I had learned to please him with my mouth.  Every time we were together, we dissolved into a puddle of hormones and we pleasured each other on a daily basis, even on Sundays which were spent in church and in quiet contemplation and sometimes we pleasured each other several times a day.  We took every opportunity to kiss and to fondle, never quite going all the way, but always taking things just a little bit farther to the point that neither of us wanted to stop, but then again, neither of us were ready to take it all the way.

Over those past two years, David had developed from a gangly teenager as he packed on muscle and strength.  His penis seemed to grow more in girth and length when he turned 16 and my breasts were becoming rounder and fuller, but never more than what would fit in his large hands or his mouth.  We knew each other’s body intimately and we knew how the other would respond to different types of stimuli.  We were heading towards the day he would take my innocence, but we had no plan for it; nothing special to mark such a momentous occasion

About 3 days before my 16th birthday, we had stayed stateside for the tests needed to continue our education.  There were SAT classes and ACT seminars and college interest applications to be completed.  Our academic careers were in full swing and we no longer had the luxuries of extended vacations as we’d enjoyed growing up/  After church that Sunday, David and I drove out to his grandparent’s home in Palm Springs.  We both had pools at our own homes, but with his grandparents on a cruise, we would have privacy.

As soon as we arrived, we both jumped out of the car and David ran towards the pool, stripping off his clothes until he was completely naked!  We’d explored each other’s body and had seen one another naked, but the lights were always low and the visibility was not so good.  The sight of him naked stopped me dead in my tracks.  He was tall and muscular, his hair was blonder having been kissed by the sun for the last couple of weeks and he had the beginning of a dark summer’s tan.  He was sporting what is called today, a six-pack, but back then, the only words we had to describe his fitness was, “wow!”

His legs were long and muscular and his ass cheeks were flexing as his erection grew long, thick and hard.  David noticed me standing there stock still and when our eyes locked, I am sure I blushed redder than that of a lobster’s shell.  He walked back to me slowly and I was transfixed by the site of his erection moving with his body as he came to get me.

His eyes never left mine, not for a moment and when he came close to me, he bent down and gave me the gentlest kiss.  It was as if a fairy had flapped her gossamer wings as she took flight.  Had I not known the taste of him, I would not have registered the kiss in my brain.  He stood tall again and gently lowered the strap of my sundress so that it was hanging off my shoulder and then, he lowered the strap of my bikini top that I had worn underneath my dress and then reached behind me and undid the fastener.  He then pulled off my bikini top so my breasts fell free into my sundress.  I took a breath and held it.  Was this it?  Was this to be the moment we transitioned from teenager to adult?  Was this the moment that would change us forever?

David noticed my hesitation and really, there was nothing he could have said at that moment in time, so wisely he stayed silent.  He knelt down in front of me, his cock just brushing past my lips as he lowered himself to the ground.  I could smell the drop of pre-cum falling off the tip of his large bulbous head and the scent that seeped from his body as he became aroused.  I inhaled deeply wishing that I could bottle that scent and inhale it whenever I wanted. He grabbed the edges of my skirt and buried his head beneath the wispy cotton fabric.  I could hear him draw in my scent as he nuzzled his nose against my pussy.  He yanked my bikini bottoms off of me and his magic tongue began its wicked onslaught that I had grown to love.  Soon, he added his fingers to circle my little bundle of pleasure nerves as he had become accustomed to doing the last few months and then, without notice or prelude, he slowly inserted his middle finger into the tiny opening of my hymen.  For a moment, he did not move, his tongue still lapping at my pussy lips.  I could feel his finger in my pussy and while there was a slight twinge of pain, I felt my muscles contract around his finger.  I swear that I could feel the ribs of his fingerprint as he slowly began to withdraw his finger and gently reinsert it , over and over again, faster and faster until the largest orgasm of my life overtook me and shattered my world.

He came up out from underneath my skirt and stood to his full height, as the pre-cum was now dripping from his head in a river of frothy white.  He put the finger that he had inside of me into his mouth and sucked it dry and then bent down to passionately kiss me on my lips.  I smelled the heady mix of our arousals as I tore off my dress and stood before him naked, and a little bit afraid of what the day would hold.

We spent hours that day in the pool and in the sun, bringing each other to orgasm many times and in many different ways, but never going “all the way.”  Soon, the sun was setting and it was time to go home.  We’d been skirting losing our virginity all afternoon, but it never happened.  I was both relieved and disappointed. Relieved that it wasn’t going to happen that day and disappointed because I was more than ready to give myself over to David in that matter.  I was willing to let David lead the way as to when was the right time and the right place as I had complete trust in his wisdom and his ability to decide when would be the right time.

I was asleep before the car even entered the highway to take us back home.  It had been a long day in the sun and I was exhausted from the sheer number of orgasms David had given me that day.  I don’t know who long I slept, but I woke to find the car parked off the highway in the back area of a shopping center parking lot.  At first I thought that David was tired from our day in the sun and the many times I made him cum with my mouth and my hands, but he was not asleep, he was frustrated.

I patiently waited for him to speak to me, for him to tell me what was bothering him.  And he started to talk and then stopped and then started and then stopped again.  It was then that I noticed that his shorts were undone and his massive erection was jutting up against the steering wheel.  I gasped because I had seen his erections many times, including not more than an hour earlier, but this was an erection I had not seen on him before, not only was it larger, but it was throbbing, the head of it was swelling and I thought for sure it was going to explode.  The car was full of his scent and his heavy breathing eclipsed all other sounds even those coming from the busy highway a short distance away.

“Fuck it!” was all he said as he grabbed my face and kissed me as if his life depended upon it.  My body immediately flooded with desire as I started pulling at his clothes and he pulling at mine.  Before either of us realized it, the tip of his cock was pushing at my interest, pain etched on his face as he slowly stretched my tight virgin pussy with his hard pulsating cock.  My pussy was on fire from the pain so far and as I reached down between us to gauge how far he was in, my fingers felt that the actual insertion was barely covering the very tip of his penis.  He pulled back a bit and pushed harder, still making little headway even though the pain for me was intensifying.  He grabbed his cock to give it some stability and to keep it from breaking in two as he tried to breach my maiden head.

I recognized the look of sadness in his eyes though I was confused of its origin. This is what he, what we wanted, wasn’t it?  Was I really that awful I thought. And then he pulled back and for a second I thought he had given up, but with a roar he slammed his cock into me tearing through my hymen and I screamed in great pain.  David held very still and as the tears fell from my eyes, they also began to spill from his.

“Franchesca,” he stammered through his tears, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” he repeated over and over again like a mantra.  I was so sure I had failed him, that he had regretted taking my innocence.  I thought for sure that he would pull out of me soon, zip up his shorts and drive me home in silence, never to see me again.  I averted my eyes because I did not want to see in his eyes what I new was coming.  I swallowed my tears and closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable.

“Franchesca,” I heard him softly call my name. “I’m going to start moving now.  Please tell me if I am still hurting you.”  I thought he meant that he was going to pull out, so I nodded my head and tried hard not to cry over the loss of what I thought was the love of a lifetime.  As he began to pull out of me, he stopped and then pushed back in. He pulled out again and then pushed back in.  It took a few strokes for me to realize what was happening.  He wasn’t pulling out, he wasn’t going to leave me, he was making love to me.

I gradually opened my eyes and they were met by pools of green sparkling brightly through the dark night.  He swirled his hips around and then slammed his hips forcefully into mine, my eyes rolled back in my head as I moaned in ecstasy.  As I adjusted to his girth and length, the pain I initially felt morphed into pleasure so intense it frightened me.  I’d had orgasms before, thousands of them possibly thanks to the boy in front of me but what was building up inside of me was going to eclipse any pleasure I had felt before.  And before I could comprehend what was happening, my orgasm whipped out of my body and I screamed his name in utter and complete pleasure as I felt my pussy milking his cock and then I felt the explosion of his cum as it bathed me in its warmth and the pressure of his release.

As we came down from that first high in the back seat of his grandparent’s cadillac, words escaped both of us as we kissed for the first time, no longer virgins.  He silently cleaned us up and disposed of the evidence of our indiscretion before dressing me and then himself.  We returned to the front of the car and he silently started the car.  He pulled me across the front bench seat and fastened me in close to him.  He started the car and draped his right arm over my shoulders as we began the journey back home.  He held me tight as if I’d disappear, but he said nothing.

The insecurities of a 15 year old girl bubbled to the surface and I began to softly sob.  David heard me and pulled me even closer.  “Wow!  Franchesca, that was just wow!” he softly said as he kissed my neck at the back of my head.  “I know that our first time should have been more special and I’m sorry it wasn’t,” he whispered to me.  “I just couldn’t stop myself Franchesca,” he continued, “I needed to be in you, I needed to become a part of you, I needed this just as if my next breath depended on it.”

I felt that too, so I nuzzled more into him and slowly began to kiss his neck.  :Stop!” he pleaded with me “or we will be making several more stops in parking lots before we even hit the borders of Los Angeles County!”  “Don’t get me wrong, Franchesca,” he continued, “I could fuck you into next week every day of my life and never get tired of your sweet little pussy.  But the next time, the next time will be special.  You deserved special for your first time and I didn’t give it to you, so help me God, Franchesca, I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you.”

Still unable to speak, unable to express the joy and love I felt for this boy, I just nodded my head and snuggled down just a little bit more and trusted that his words were true as I slowly slipped off to a pleasant and deep sleep.

I didn’t have a Tommy to make sure that I felt as little pain as possible.  I didn’t have a photographer to record this special moment nor did I make enough money selling my virginity to cover college expenses.  I wasn’t wise in the way that today’s virgins are nor was I educated as how to make love to a man.

I lost my virginity in the back seat of a Cadillac in the middle of the desert.  I had no comfortable bed, I wore nothing special, no candles scented the air; no music played gently in the background and there was no special meal awaiting us.  For a first time, it was quite ordinary.  Looking back I realized something.  I would have not done a single thing differently.  What made it special was David.  What made it amazing was our chemistry and love for each other.

So now you know my virgin secret, but that is only the beginning.  When I return again, I shall fulfill the request of another subscriber to tell of the best night of fucking I ever had.

Until then, enjoy the story of our next virgin Aleysa Gagarina (  Once you read her story you will be enchanted by her.  After you view her solo video, you will want to know more and when you watch Tommy take her innocence, you will be amazed!  I can’ wait for you to meet her!

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