Jeniffer Lorentz. My virgin casting..

Hey, I am Jennifer.

I am still excited after this morning’s shoot at the defloration studio. This was the most wonderful that has happened to me after a long time. I work as a store assistant in a designer boutique in St Petersburg, showing pretty dresses to beautiful women and their daughter from rich families. I earn quite enough for myself but I have big dreams. I love good clothes and I love to pose.

It was seven years ago that we moved to St. Petersburg from a small town. My father had a plumbing business in the village and he got a huge offer with a construction firm in the city. There were no second thoughts. It was our parents’ big chance to make their dreams come true. So just during my puberty years, we shifted to a new location, to a new house. My parents were busy setting up their home and I missed my old friends a lot. The area we had come into was full of families with children of my age but I was always more interested in the elder children and had a new best friend who was six years elder to me.

She had a boyfriend and was always telling me stuff that went on between them. It was she who taught me how to touch myself. She masturbated in front of me while I looked. When I became sixteen, it was she who introduced me to the boutique. I love my job there among so many beautiful clothes. My employer is a very beautiful lady who is very stern at work. Jenny! She will call. Model this coat for Mrs so and so. And I had to quickly dress in an expensive mink and walk for the customer. At other times, she will make me fold clothes the entire day. What is this? My boss will scream. Is this the way to fold a top? Is this what I have taught you? And I have to redo everything. I am her girl Friday. I get her tea and syrniki from a nearby café before the store opens. Our store is more like a home with a beautiful garden where customers can sit in and a fountain. And the dresses, oh my god. At first I was amazed at the prices and I would go home and tell my parents but now I am used to it. I see how the ladies walk and some of them are very graceful and polite. Some help me a lot by giving me tips on how to do my make-up, what to wear, how to smile and soon.

I have to undress and fit many of my ladies so I am familiar with the naked body. A few of the old customers are naughty. They squeeze my boobs or touch my pussy over my dress while I am undressing them but they are old women and I know it is just for fun and do not mind. I wish my boyfriend would do the same though. I would love him to touch me and go beyond touching. I wanted to be licked. I want to be caressed. Sigh…I am day dreaming again!!

Anyway, my life is very simple. I somehow have this dream of becoming a model. I know maybe it is impossible but I want to give it my best. One of the customers casually asked me if I was a virgin. When I told her yes, she told me to check out She gave me a phone number of someone she knew who could help me out. This seemed to be the very thing I was looking for. I got in touch, got an email ID, wrote to them with help from my older friend who is now happily married. And voila, I got a reply. I was 18 and a virgin and I got this marvelous opportunity to come and pose at the studio.

I borrowed a lace dress from my employer who said she will give it to me at a discount. I next got some beautiful lingerie to make me feel happy and travelled to the studio. I told my mother that I had an official trip from the boutique and she agreed. I did not tell my boyfriend as this is a surprise for him. I want to show him what I can do.

In the studio the next day, I was alone and very nervous but as you probably saw, Sergey soon made me comfortable. I love the way he speaks with humor and kindness. He said I posed really well and that he looks forward to seeing me. Well, I too want to return and do something more. I must have also succeeded in arousing him because I noticed he was fidgeting a bit and his voice became all funny but I enjoyed it. I love posing, I love to show off my figure. I hope to return soon. Do wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Jeniffer Lorentz. My virgin casting..”

  1. That last picture had me shaking and my tongue got hard. An ordinary guy would say “NO WAY” she is a virgin.
    (I am afraid that if I met her, after one drink I would say Marry Me.)
    Her story told her thoughts of the photo session. What about your thoughts. Please tell me more.
    OMG What a body.

  2. As a photographer, you probably noticed it too. Her skin is flawless. There are no moles or marks on her body. It is rare to see a woman like that. She has her shoulders back to emphasize her breasts, and they are perfectly formed. No sag.
    She should make a living as a figure model.

  3. Here are my comments about the first video. The video photography is good. Lighting is very good. We can see everything. She is shy, but does everything that he asks.
    (I don’t believe him when he says that he only does virgins. But if she believes him, then he can get what he wants.)

    In the old days, Woodman would show his magazine to the model. Here, this man is using a tablet. Times have changed. I am getting old. ha.

    She has a great body, and her poses show her off. Very erotic. Her ass is very firm. I love it. The conversation at the end implies that she might have her first sex with her boyfriend. I hope that does not happen in private. But we shall see. I am sure that the second video that you have is more erotic. And so will be the massage video. I am curious if the masseuse is a man or a woman. 🙂
    So far, Jennifer is not on EBI.

  4. I wish you luck. Especially if that means you return to allow us to see you move into womanhood.

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