Chloë Moretta. Revelation of the Virgin.

I was born 18 years and one day ago in one of the most beautiful places of Europe. I grew up like a tomboy when I was little, until I discovered my body after puberty. There are secrets that I am still discovering, things I am still learning about myself. I am a very open and frank girl, always ready for an adventure. Are you ready to come with me?

I have three elder brothers and my family is large and noisy. In fact growing up with boys, I have great passion for things that people think belong only to boys! One is motorsport and another is soccer. I used to sit with boy on a bench near our house when I was little, grading girls as they passed on the basis of their tits, butts and figures. And then one day, my breasts started budding, my pubic hair started to grow and I realized that I too was a girl!
I am so adventurous otherwise that my girlfriends laugh at me when I get scared or nervous of sex. It is not that I am scared, only I want to save myself for a special day. When Sarah, my best friend, and I went on a trek once to Sardinia, we got lost in the volcanic areas of Villanova Monteleone. Luckily we had taken a tent and after we fixed it up near a small lake, Sarah went off for a bath. I watched her beautiful naked teenage body as she went into the water. As there was just the two of us, she washed her clothes as well and stayed in the nude. After a while, I too had no other choice but to do the same as I was feeling extremely sweaty. My teenage boobs were tiny and I was extremely ashamed of them. As I came out of the water, Sarah was standing there, looking at me. Smoking a cigarette with one hand, she moved slowly towards me. She stood so near that her nipples tingled my wet skin. Still holding the cigarette, she used the fingers of her left hands to flick over my innocent tits and then pinch them. I gave a gasp.
Throwing away the cigarette, she grabbed my butt with both hands, pulling my virgin pussy to meet hers. Slowly rubbing her pussy against mine, she made me want more, wetness creeping out between my thighs. In the orange dusk, she then turned me around, her hands cupping my budding breasts, her clit pushing against my butt. As her hands squeezed my boobs, I arched forward and her hands moved down to my teenage pussy. Parting the hair aside, she ran her fingers over the lips of my virgin vulva, caressing them, exciting me, keeping me on the edge as her fingers slowly moved to the tip of my virgin clitoris. Expertly flicking her fingers on my nub, she lay me down on the grass and then started licking me. Her tongue worked magic on my tight vagina, and as it flicked on and off my tip again and again, I screamed and had an orgasm for the first time in my life.
That night was magical for Sarah and me, and she taught me how to pleasure myself. She guided my finger around her intimate layers, taught me how to suck on her shaved pussy. Our clothes dried but we lay naked in the tent, kissing every part of each other. Even though Sarah and I have masturbated together after that day, it was never like that.
Most of my girlfriends are models and Sarah too is on the way to becoming one. Even though I have no interest in being a model, I have helped them all with photographs and graphics and in doing so have also seen a lot of skin. I am a very open and frank girl and what you see is what you get. After I met my boyfriend, we had all gone out for a sailing weekend. I and all my friends with their boyfriends and/or girlfriends. We all had a lot to drink and got wild. As I lay with my boyfriend on the deck, I saw that most people had gone into their cabins. He sat up and pulled me close. As he sucked my teenage boobs, his groin pushed at my panties. He kept my hands up straight while he teased my innocent nipples through my almost see through T-shirt with his tongue. I was totally drunk but yet enough in my senses to enjoy what was going on. As his hands moved over my pussy through my cotton shorts, my body felt as if an electric shock went through it. Without removing my pants, he lay on top of me, his cock almost pushing through his jeans as he put it over my pussy. My labia was excited at the pressure and as he slowly moved up and down, I too grinded my hips in sync with his. As I started getting wet, I moved down to his thigh and was soon in my own trip… My boyfriend took out his cock and I held it hard, moving my hands up and down in rhythm with my thrusts. I soon had a huge orgasm and he too came in my hands, white and sticky.
Most of my friends had sex for the first time that day, losing their virginity to their boyfriends on the Mediterranean ocean. Despite being drunk, I was one of the few remaining virgins. I am scared of breaking my hymen and do not even use a tampon. It is not that I do not love my body… I do! I am just waiting for the perfect moment. Sometimes when I am driving my motorbike, my legs on both sides of the vibrating machine, I move my pelvis up and down the seat, holding on to the handles for dear life. As I bring my bike to a halt, the lips of my virgin clit separate and swell within my shorts and my body almost screams in delight. Slowly at first and then as I move up and down faster and faster, the orgasm is definitely out of the world.
When I came to know of from Sarah, I told myself this was my 18th birthday gist to myself. I was very comfortable in the studio and as Sergey asked me to prove my virginity, I too saw my hymen for the first time. May be one day, who knows, I and my boyfriend may come back to the studio and I may lose my virginity in front of you. In the meantime, here’s to adventures!