Amy Ledenez

Many years ago, as a little child I was taken for the first time to the big house where my father works a gardener. I was so awe struck by everything. Today was exactly such a day! As I walked into the studio, I felt as if I was entering into a new and unknown place that was exciting and fascinating. Come, let me share some secrets with you!

As I told you, my father works as the head gardener in a beautiful mansion in St Petersburg. We stay in a small cottage just off the grounds. The owner doesn’t stay here and there caretaker couple who looks after it. My mother goes in to clean in the mornings with two girls to help her. On days when I do not have school, I too help her.
I am the only child of my parents. I want to make them proud of me. I often visit my father too when he is at walk. The grounds are so beautiful that I enjoy taking a walk here. There is a small pond with a wrought iron bench beside it and I sit here thinking of my future. When I go with my mother to clean up, I love visiting the Red bedroom in the left wing. This is said to have belonged to a fiery mistress from many years ago. Our owner hardly uses it.
I want to tell you all about an incident that happened some years back. I went into this bedroom and locked the door firmly. I had just started masturbating and was learning about my body. As I entered the room, I removed my clothes and walked across the beautiful amber marble floor to the full length mirror framed in gold, opposite the fireplace. As I saw myself in it, I realized I was very beautiful. My tits were just starting to form and as I touched my nipples, they reacted beautifully to my touch. I stood with my hands on the waist, my pelvis slightly out, as I looked at my virgin pussy for the first time. I used my finger to part my newly growing hair and touched the lips of my clit tenderly. With one hand now on my teenage boobs, I used my finger to discover the hidden layers of my pussy. I went deeper and deeper. I then used my hands to separate the lips and tried to see what’s inside.
The gorgeous bed with the maroon velvet throw on it was so inviting. My mom was going to kill me but could not help myself. I lay myself down, a huge painting of naked Venus behind me, and imagined being touched by an older man. He was now pressing my tender tits, now running a finger down to my navel and then he was brushing my teenage vagina with his huge cock. As I imagined, my finger moved as if by itself faster and faster, touching the nub and flicking over it. My other hand was touching the tips of my sweet innocent budding breasts. I could see myself in the mirror on the ceiling and got one orgasm after another, imagining my unknown older lover, with dark hair, broody eyes and muscular arms.
Suddenly, there was a creak. I sat up straight, grabbing the velvet throw to cover myself, one breast peeking out. I could see the dressing room door open. With the throw still covering me as best as it could, I walked on toes towards it. I flung the door open and there was a stranger in it! A guest of the owner who I did not know about as he must have arrived the previous night. His pants were down and he had his enormous dick in his hands and it was obvious he was masturbating looking at my performance. I went beetroot red!! I could not run out of the room too as I had no clothes on! I was also staring at his manhood as it was the first time I saw it and I think he was about to come as he groaned and continued massaging it and then with a shudder, white milk spilled over on his fingers.
Saving me the embarrassment, he went into the bathroom and I rushed to get dressed and went out of the room. To this day, I haven’t told anyone of this and I did not go back to the mansion till my mother told me the foreign guest had left. I do not know why he had left the door open and think it was destiny. This becomes my fantasy sometimes when I am touching myself to get pleasure. Someday may be I too will find such a man to pleasure me with his mouth and with his big cock.
After my studies, I wish to become a model as many have praised my looks and body. I have grown tall and fit. I wish to walk the ramp and to pose for the glossy magazines, model for furs like the ones I have seen hung in our employer’s mansion. My mother has raised me to believe in saving myself for a special man so I await the day eagerly when I shall lose my virginity to someone older and experienced. When I got to know of, I was very eager for the experience. After knowing I am 18 years old, they agreed and I faced a professional camera for the first time. As a virgin, I am also happy to show the camera my unbroken hymen. This is also the first time I have thought about anal masturbation. It scares me and embarrasses me a bit too but it is something that I feel I will definitely try out.