Ava Gardon.

Hello! I am Ava from St. Petersburg, Russia. I thought I had experienced a lot of embarrassment and sacrifice in my life but today was a really awkward day for me. It wasn’t the first time I masturbated but I lied as there was the most annoying female asking me all kinds of stupid questions. Did it give me pleasure? Hmmm. I probably got as much pleasure as I get by brushing my teeth but it did give me something to think about when I now touch my virgin pussy! But it made me suddenly excited and wanting to discover more!

As most little girls in my city and country, I have the dream of becoming a ballerina in a world renowned ballet company. But I am a little different. Why? Because my parents are both ballet dancers. They are often travelling around the globe from Paris to New York and even here in Russia. When I was very small I would dance in front of the TV with a CD of their latest performance on. Ballet was not just in my blood, it was my passion. It was all I ever cared for. I was enrolled in Madam Natalia’s sought after Academy when I was 10 years old and it was just rigorous practice and continuous ballet after that. We also had regular studies as well as French and piano lessons. If the first year was tough, it only became tougher after that.
To be selected for the most popular ballets, a ballerina must not just be a good dancer but must have a great body as well. Every girl in the academy knew this. Once I noticed Madam Natalia looking at me sternly while I was doing a solo routine. After it was over, she called me to her office. Remove your leotard, she said to me. Raise your hands and go on pointe. I was younger then and haven’t yet performed. She ran her hands over my tits, lifted one of them, squeezed the other one tight. Does anything happen? She asked. I was too scared to nod. I was sure something is terribly wrong with my body. She then came from behind me and covered my innocent breasts with her hands. Then we danced. Suddenly she stopped and asked me to leave. That was the first time I got interested in my body.
I stand in front of the mirror and pose naked many times a day. I sometimes dance naked as well. My tits are so bouncy sometimes that I hate them. Wish they were small and pert. But then I can’t change my body! As I spin, I wrap my fingers around the pink budding nipples as if a leading male dancer was holding me. Slowly, I sit myself down on the floor, my hands moving to my virgin clit, my eyes still closed. No one told me about masturbation but this is something probably everyone knows by instinct. I lay myself down on the floor, my ring finger rubbing the top edge of my pink virgin clitoris. As the lips swell, my fingers explore around my vulva. Is this the place when a man would stick his manhood into? I suddenly remember the touch of Madam’s hands on my breasts and I suddenly arch up and my fingers get wet. Of course we had a few boys at school but they were boys, not men. When they danced, I can see their cocks sticking out in their leotards but I was really not interested. I knew for me nothing but a man will do, an older man who would know what to do.
This month, I am graduating from the Academy. Since the past year, I have become increasingly passionate about going to New York to join a dance company there. Not ballet but contemporary dance. I have spoken to my parents about this and they have reluctantly agreed. I have also gone and got a couple of tattoos done to spite Madam Natalia. God! I loved the look on her face that day when she suddenly saw the star on my waist just before lights out. She even called Vladimir, our director to take a look. Look at this girl, she slapped my butt. Vladimir rubbed his finger over the still raw tattoo, standing so close to me that I could feel his cock rubbing against my thigh. With his other hands, he gently rubbed my shoulder, the tips of my innocent tits almost standing at attention now under the tight t-shirt I was wearing. I will talk to her Madam, he said and Natalia went off in a huff. I was almost trembling by now.
Are you scared, Ava, he asked softly, lifting my chin so that I looked up. His blue eyes looked deeply down at me. His cock was still rubbing against my thigh and suddenly his hand slid down to my soft virgin breasts. Where else do you have tattoos, Ava? He continued. I couldn’t answer as somehow I was frozen. I was either too scared or I was too excited. The corridor was dark but he pushed me slowly to a corner and kept rubbing his cock up and down my naked thigh. My innocent pussy was slowly getting wet and I thought my shorts would soon get wet. Valdimir’s cock was almost bursting out of his tight pants. I let out a soft moan and I got very aroused. He continued in a soft voice that was getting gruff now. “You know you won’t be selected for the ballet now, don’t you?” he said, his voice coming out In gasps. I was breathing very hard. He crushed me against him, my tits squeezed tight and kept moving up and down. My virgin clit was getting rubbed roughly and I bent backwards with him on top of me. The feeling was delicious. Suddenly with a shudder, I came and I uttered a soft moan. He took my hand and put it on his cock. As I rubbed it he grew bigger and bigger and then suddenly he pushed me and walked off!
It was Madam Natalia who helped me out with the contacts in New York and she even spoke to a few people there. My dream will probably come true but I wanted some more exposure before I started working. I wanted to stand out in my dance auditions as a confident dancer. I was at home over last weekend when I turned 18. My parents had invited a lot of their friends and mine as a coming-of-age party. The girls of my age and I got talking and they all seemed so excited about a wonderful studio called defloration.com. A girl who just came in announced that a Russian lady in town was conducting screen tests for virgin 18-year-olds on their behalf. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me before I went away. I casually took the number and immediately called the lady the next day.
You all saw what happened in the casting video. I was just so awkward! I am embarrassed at the way I behaved. I wanted to seem sophisticated and grown-up but ended up looking like exactly what I was – an inexperienced school girl! Despite everything, the casting lady gave me a lift in spirit when she enjoyed my tits. And the way she looked longingly at my tight virgin pussy, I know it was nice too. I also got a boost in self confidence by touching my virgin vulva and masturbating in front of a camera. I knew the way by the way she looked at my virgin pink pussy, she really wanted to get her fingers on it and on my soft innocent boobs. Well, I just hope I do much better in New York and that defloration.com does not think of me as a miserable failure.