Jessica Albanka.

Hi! I am Jessica from St. Petersburg. I was the only child and my parents wanted the best for me. They are both teachers and as a family we are very polite, well read and frankly speaking, very boring. I was not allowed to listen to music of my choice, was forced to study hard, to attend skating practice every weekend and of course dance school. I was a talkative child and did not hesitate in making friends. I hated staying at home and making polite conversations, of performing in front of my parents’ friends when they came home for dinner.

The area around our locality is full of trees and wide roads. I love being outdoors and used to spend most of my holidays cycling with my friends. Dominika and

Lidiya were my besties and the three of us were always busy making mischief which my parents did not like. We used to get wet in the fountain at the park, play handball and then skate down the walkways. As soon as I turned 10, I was enrolled in ballet classes for rigorous practice and discipline, which my parents felt I needed in great doses. Girls from many different schools came to attend this class. In our age-group, there were 15 girls. We were all more or less beginners. Our teacher was very famous and there was a waiting list to get into his classes. Parents of those who got admitted were thrilled.
As soon as school got over, I had to run for my after-school dance program. We all brought our clothes in our kit bags and there was a rush in the dressing room to get dress up for practice. We soon had a set routine, and got used to each other. We started off with exercises for flexibility, strength and stretching. Our teacher was excellent but a thorough disciplinarian. He made us repeat over and over again till our legs ached. My parents were very happy to see me following a routine. Sometimes we made faces at our teacher behind his back and did not dare to giggle.
One day, our teacher had to leave St. Petersburg for six months due to a program in another country and we had another teacher coming in. Viktor Mikhailov was our substitute teacher (I m using a false name). He was completely different from our previous coach. He was funny, made us laugh and we had a great time. He also started a new massage therapy session after class. Girls were called to his locker room. We were asked to remove our leotards and lie down on the benches. I felt very awkward the first time as it was the first time I was naked in front of a grown-up person. He told us he was going to massage our muscles and make our legs strong. This was part of the dance training program to help us become more flexible. My teenage breasts were just developing and that first day I tried to cover them but he took my hands and made me lay down straight on a bench.
My chest and hands were massaged. He would then take my legs and rub them from feet upwards. He would lift the leg high, make it touch my head and rub the underside of my thigh in this position. His hand would casually touch my virgin vagina and move on. My legs were opened wide and he would stand in between, rubbing them smoothly with his hands. I would feel relaxed. When his hands touched my pussy for the first time, I became stiff. He did not seem to notice and I was very embarrassed. After my massage was done, I quickly moved down and put on my clothes and ran home. Feeling very ashamed, I did not tell anyone. May be he was only touching me there. Afterwards when he touched me on my teenage virgin pussy, I felt wet and slippery. This was a sensation that I had never know before. I felt both ashamed and guilty. Lidiya was in the same class with me and we suddenly spoke about this to each other. Hearing us, one more girl said the same thing. We decided to tell our parents.
I cannot forget the look on my parents’ faces. At first they did not believe but later realized I was telling the truth. In shock, our parents met the director of the academy immediately and Viktor Mikhailov was kicked out that day itself. Our parents all agreed not to sue as that might also bring a bad name on their girls. Viktor was out of school but he had started something passionate in me. My ballet classes went on but I could not forget the feeling I had when he touched me. I felt guilty but started looking at myself in the mirror and posing. As I was 18, I got in touch with The producer and photographer made me comfortable and I was proud to show off my virginity. I know I have to become a top erotic model and will soon reach my goal.