Alesya Gagarina. Loosing of virginity. Part Three.

Aleysa, Part Three.


When the lights went on and the camera started filming, everything seemed to disappear.  It was nothing short of magical.


Here I was, ready to be deflowered by this extremely handsome man.  I knew he was quite a bit older than I, but his heart, it was his heart that beat young.  I could tell from his warm eyes that he revered this occasion in my life as if he respected the task I had accepted.  My heart continued to war with my senses knowing that this was the only option I had to save my family.  I could not return to my home a failure, yet for me to lose my virginity in this manner was a personal failure.  My parents would not approve of what I was going to do.  My heart beat fast, partially from Tommy’s heated gaze and partially from the sacrifice that I was to make.

Tommy began with light touches and shy kisses.  These were unexpected little treats like a chocolate after a celebratory meal.  His warm tongue seemed to melt against my skin and I felt a stirring deep in my core that was not unwelcome, but was very different than what I had expected.
His brown eyes locked onto mine and it was as if he knew my darkest secrets.  Flecks of gold began to sparkle in his eyes as he gave me a shy, yet knowing smile.  And then he pulled me to his lips and kissed me.  I had not expected kisses.  I don’t really know what I expected.  Other than he was going to fuck me.  I expected pain and I expected that he would not take the time that a lover would.  I was resigned to this; it would be quick and over before I knew it, a bad memory to be covered by the freedom from stress that the ever increasing medical bills were causing my family.  I would shoot this scene and then be back on my way home, to never speak of this shame I would bring upon my family.

He kissed me again, this time prying my lips apart with his tongue.  And then he kissed me again, pulling me closer and kissing me with more passion than I had ever expected from him or any other lover I might have in the future.  And then, I tasted him.  He tasted of caramel and fine tobacco, and of some unknown spice and soon our tongues began a dance that I felt tear through my body all the way down to my toes and back up again.  The more we kissed, the more passion grew between us.  There was electricity flowing through our bodies and where we touched it erupted into sparks that lit flames in my body I had no idea existed.
My breath was becoming ragged and I felt myself becoming damp,  and worried that perhaps I had peed myself from sheer nervousness or fright.  He broke our kiss and looked me dead in the eyes and I saw his lids lower partway as he took a breath and then he pulled me to his mouth again and soon we became a tangle of body parts and tongues and my head started spinning and I felt as if I were to pass out.  “Stop!” I yelled.  Sergey had told me that I could stop if I did not feel well and I was not feeling well at all.  It was difficult to breathe and my skin was hyperaware with every touch he made on my body; my heart was beating erratically and I was afraid that I would die of combustion.
True to his word, Tommy stopped.  Sergey stopped the cameras and gave me a break.  I sat down on my heels and tried to calmly drink some water, but Tommy did not stop with the gentle touches or the stolen kisses. He kept constant contact with me, either through touch or through a gentle kiss.  His touches and kisses were not unwelcome, they calmed me and while the feelings I was experiencing were confusing, Tommy calmed me.  I really wished I had brought my mother with me. At least I would have someone I could talk to, someone who would understand me, but that could not be since I was here, in Budapest, all alone, to sell my virginity.

It took me 10 minutes to calm down enough to continue on.  Tommy laid me gently back on the bed, adjusting my dress for my comfort  and tucking a wayward strand of hair behind my ear.  We could not communicate as we did not speak the same language, but his eyes continued to be warm and welcoming and again he calmed me.
He languidly drug his hand up and down the outside of my leg and then raised my dress so he could see my shaven pussy.  He broke into a smile and he adjusted himself in his pants.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his hardness grow and elongate and I became anxious to see what his cock would look like.  I’d never seen one up close, only on the TV.  I wondered what it would feel like and how it would feel against my skin, but Tommy was focusing his activities on my pleasure.  He started to kiss my stomach and my hands shot up reflexively to push him away, but he persisted until her reached the top of my pussy.  He inhaled deeply and he could smell my arousal!  I was so embarrassed, but it seemed to please him and he continued.  He spread my legs wide and set to licking my tender and rapidly swelling pussy lips.  Is this what happened?


Were my lips supposed to swell like this?  Was I too wet?  So many questions were swirling through my brain and as I would start to think, it would hit me like a Cobra strikes at its victim what I was doing and my heart would stop and I would freeze in terror.  But then Tommy would grab my hand and rub small circles on it with his thumb and he murmured against my pussy and the vibration his deep voice made as he softly spoke shot new jolts of electricity through my body and my body relaxed again ready to accept the pleasure Tommy was bringing to my body.
Soon, Tommy was licking and sucking me as if he were trying to draw my soul out of my body through that small hole in my hymen and the harder he sucked and the faster his tongue vibrated against my nub of pleasure the dizzier I became and when I felt his tongue enter my virgin pussy, my back arched off the bed and I was sure that I would pass out and die from such pleasure, so again, I yelled “Stop!” and again Tommy stopped, his eyes wide with the fear of the possibility that he had hurt me.  Again, all these emotions and sensations were swirling through my brain and my heart and I could not breathe.  I also feared that I was disappointing the producer and I thought he might become so frustrated with me that he would send me home without completing my contract.
But that was not the case.  Sergey tried to convince me that these were normal feelings of pleasure, but I could not see it possible that there should be so many sensations and feelings associated with a sexual act.  After all, if it were this pleasurable for everyone, people would gladly spend their days fucking and not working, right?  And then the thought of how much pleasure he was bringing to me was not the normal and was something wrong with me because I felt so much pleasure?

Sergey decided that Tommy should not try to pleasure me for a while, to give my head and my heart a chance to catch up and that I should try to pleasure Tommy through Oral Sex.I blushed deeply at the humiliation I was anticipating by putting Tommy’s member into my mouth.  Certainly, oral sex was the trick of prostitutes and the guise of whores hiding in dark corners hoping to earn enough money to purchase some alcohol or illegal drugs, was it not?  But Sergey said that by learning to pleasure Tommy with my mouth was a normal thing and that it would make his erection stronger which would make my defloration easier.
Tommy unbuckled his belt and popped open a few buttons at the top of his jeans and when he pulled down his jeans, this gigantic pink hose popped up and into my face.  Certainly, my red face was so apparent and I could barely imagine fitting that thing into my mouth, much less into that minuscule hole that Sergey told me was my hymen.  I was hesitant to take it in hand, so Tommy gathered my hands in his and helped me to rub his cock in a way that would please him and giving me the confidence I needed to explore his “member” as Sergey called it.

Tommy’s cock was not quite what I expected it to be, though to be honest, I am really not sure what I had expected it to be.  It was very hot and very heavy in my tiny hands. His balls gave off even more heat and as I rolled them around in my hands, I noticed that the hotter they grew, the heavier they grew.


I knew from biology class that his sperm was located in the balls and I giggled a little as I imagined his body loading his balls with the sperm he would release when he had an orgasm.  His cock was very, very hard and very long and very thick.  My mother always exclaimed how long and delicate my fingers were, but I was unable to wrap a single hand around his cock.  It was also very smooth and the skin was very soft, almost as if it were covered by the fine fuzz one finds on a fresh peach.  His cock was lined with veins and I could feel the beat of his heart through them.  When I put it in my mouth, a tiny bit of sperm escaped through the tiny hole at the end and as I tasted it, I inhaled and got a whiff of the musky scent that must be the scent of his arousal.  At first I crinkled my nose as the smell, yet as I continued to work his cock in and out of my mouth, I noticed that my mouth began to water and began to lubricate his cock and the more my mouth watered, the more of his scent I wanted to inhale.  And the more I sucked and licked, the more sperm he released into my mouth, drop by delicious drop, salty, sweet and earthy like an expensive mushroom that all the gourmands talk about. Just telling this to Franchesca as she listens to me go on about my experience has my mouth watering again for the taste of Tommy.
And there is more to tell, much more, but Franchesca needs to leave now and I need to return  to my hotel room and soon, I shall be back with more of my story because this is not the regular virgin secrets that you are used to being told.  My story is much more different than the others and so much more detailed, that we simply must continue in another day.  You have seen my solo video and soon I shall finish my story and you shall be ready to view my defloration video, so come back soon, because the story does not end with my defloration video and I cannot wait to share with you what happened next.

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