Amy Ledenez

Many years ago, as a little child I was taken for the first time to the big house where my father works a gardener. I was so awe struck by everything. Today was exactly such a day! As I walked into the studio, I felt as if I was entering into a new and unknown place that was exciting and fascinating. Come, let me share some secrets with you!

As I told you, my father works as the head gardener in a beautiful mansion in St Petersburg. We stay in a small cottage just off the grounds Continue reading Amy Ledenez

Ava Gardon.

Hello! My name is Ava, I am from St. Petersburg, Russia. I thought I had experienced a lot of embarrassment and sacrifice in my life but today was a really awkward day for me. It wasn’t the first time I masturbated but I lied as there was the most annoying female asking me all kinds of stupid questions. Did it give me pleasure? Hmmm. I probably got as much pleasure as I get by brushing my teeth but it did give me something to think about when I now touch my virgin pussy! But it made me suddenly excited and wanting to discover more!

As most little girls in my city and country, I have the dream of becoming a ballerina in a world renowned ballet company. But I am a little different. Why? Because my parents are both ballet dancers. Continue reading Ava Gardon.

Lenochka Chernova. My virgin life..

Hey there, I am Lenochka Chernova from Penza region of Russia. I grew up wild and free in this beautiful region that is beautiful but very boring!!! You may have by now seen my pictures. Am I not beautiful? I love my body, love my tits and my tight virgin cunt. This was my birthday gift to myself when I turned 18. Will you believe me when I tell you I am so shy I stammer when I meet new people? No? Well, it’s true. Come, read my story…

My father is a peasant who is also an alcoholic. My mother works at a local bar. I am the eldest daughter and have to look after my two younger sisters, both of them too studious for their own good. Continue reading Lenochka Chernova. My virgin life..

Anna Palatka. Losing of my virginity.

Hi, I am Anna Palatka from Russia. You must have already seen my casting video earlier where I explored my innocent pussy in front of you. It was such a beautiful experience for me that when I was asked if I wanted to give away my virginity in front of the camera, I eagerly said yes! This isn’t something dirty for me but a very rich experience…this is the first time a man is touching me… the first time I will see a man’s cock and be able to touch it… Come, be part of my adventure!

I have lived a very loving life with my parents. My father is a senior doctor and remains busy and I am very close to my mother. Continue reading Anna Palatka. Losing of my virginity.

Nara Mongolka


Most girls don’t know what they want to be. But I am not any other girl. I am hot. I am sizzling. I am bold. I have always wanted to be a model from ever since I was a little girl. But not just any model… I want to be the most erotic model… I want to be a porn star! I am 18 years old, a virgin but ready to turn your world upside down… are YOU ready for me?

My name is Nara Mongolka and I come from Sochi, a beautiful seaside resort in Russia. Ever since I was a small child, I would run down to the beach as soon as school was over or in the morning after breakfast on weekends. My mother was the waitress in one of the restaurants near a beach. The owner, Alexei, was a distant relation of ours. My father had run away immediately after he knew my mom was pregnant and I do not know who he is or was. Continue reading Nara Mongolka

Alina Redofed. Me, and my family..

Hello, I am Anna Redofed from Ukraine. I come from a large and happy family but unfortunately we are very poor. My father works on the land of another and my mother stitches at home.  I have five sisters and a brother, who is the youngest. Two of my elder sisters have been married. I have another sister elder to me and one younger to me at home.

As our cottage is very small, we were familiar with what happens between a man and a woman from childhood. Sometimes when our father came home after work, tired and sweaty, he would pull my mother from behind and they would rush off into their bedroom. Sometimes, the door would be left unlocked and I and my sisters would peep through the door. As my father pulled off my mother’s clothes, we too would get a thrill. Continue reading Alina Redofed. Me, and my family..

Margaret Robbie. My virgin story.

Hey there! You must have seen my video by now… this was the most embarrassing moment in my life…or so you may be thinking. But I too have my secrets… a virgin’s secrets! I don’t think anyone who knows me will read this so I am getting bold enough to share it here. So come close… and please, please keep it to yourself only.

I am from Russia. I was probably just about six years old when my breasts started budding. They were just beginning to swell and I did not know what was happening. I was not very close to my mother and even though I loved my father, this was not something you spoke about with your dad. One day, something happened that changed my life… you can say it was turned upside down. Continue reading Margaret Robbie. My virgin story.

Rita Mochalkina. Hairy virgin pussy..

Hi, my name is Rita. I live in Moscow, and I just turned 18. Today was a big day for me! It was not only the day someone saw me completely naked for the first time but I also got a huge proposal that could change my life. But first things first!


Unlike other girls dreaming of boyfriends and sex, I grew up with the ambition of traveling around the world. Every day as I travelled to and from school, I would see gorgeous tourists roaming around. Continue reading Rita Mochalkina. Hairy virgin pussy..

Anna Palatka. Virgin casting.

When Anna contacted our studio ( wanting to do a shoot for us, there was no doubt that we were greatly intrigued. She was just about to turn 18 and had long thought about shooting a pornographic video.

anna palatka virgin

The beauty was just five years old when she viewed her first pornographic video and by the time that she reached puberty sexual thoughts had taken over much of her life. Continue reading Anna Palatka. Virgin casting.

Mirelle Gauthie. Losing of virginity.

Hello.  My name is Mirelle and I am the latest girl to lose her virginity to Tommy Stone and the cameras at  By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the video and read all about it from Tommy’s point of view, and I’ve tried to be silent, but his description came no where near the accuracy of what really took place and I have to tell you the truth, the whole truth; every last single second that incredible cock of his was in my pussy.


All my friends know about Tommy and his incredible skill at deflowering virgins.  It is difficult to be anywhere in Eastern Europe and not know of The Virgin Whisperer.  Quite simply, Thomas Stone and his magnificent cock are what legends are made of and the reality of him, it does not disappoint.
Continue reading Mirelle Gauthie. Losing of virginity.