Nataha Normalek… He had unzipped his pants and taken out a huge dick!

Hello there! I am 18 years old and a virgin. I am very mischievous but feel very shy when it comes to sex. I am a brunette and feel like turning into a blond sometimes.

Anyway, this experience I had today has made me a bit bold and maybe someday who knows you may see me in a porn movie too!
I do not have much experience with sex. It is only recently that I have had a boyfriend. But many years ago, one day my mother’s cousin had visited us. As he was the guest, I was asked to show him around and he used to tell me lot of stories. The village we stayed in had lot of fields where sheep graze. We used to take a picnic and uncle and I used to go and sit there, maybe lie down on the grass and look into the sky.
One day when we were lying on the grass, I had closed my eyes and was listening to a story my uncle was saying. It was about a little girl who goes into a haunted house. Suddenly I could feel my uncle turning around and putting his hand on my teenage boobs over my t-shirt. I pretended as if I did not notice as it felt good. I knew it was not good and no one should touch me there but I somehow really enjoyed the feel and I thought maybe it was by mistake that he had put his hand there. Slowly, he started rubbing my little budding tits and continued telling the story. I pretended to have gone off to sleep. There was a peculiar sensation in my virgin pussy. It felt awake and my teenage nipples were erect and I wanted more.
I do nto know what happened but suddenly my uncle took his hands off. I was pretending to be asleep but slightly opened an eye and looked at what was happening. He had unzipped his pants and taken out a huge dick! This was the first time I saw a man’s cock. It was so big that I was about to gasp aloud. Luckily, my uncle did not notice. HE then started rubbing his cock up and down and moaned. He did this faster and faster and suddenly with a shudder, white creamy substance came out all over his hands and he lay down as if exhausted.
When we were returning home that day, he was very quiet and next day he left home. After this whenever we met, he was very formal and did not talk much with me but that memory still remains.
My boyfriend Thomas and I have not have sex yet. When we are together, I get all kinds of weird feelings and I press my body against his. I like him to hold me and touch me. We like to go to a park near a river. There’s a quiet spot there from where we can see ducks. No one ever comes there. While holding me with his arms, he sometimes slips his hand under my sweater and plays with my teenage tits. My virgin pussy gets hot and I push myself against him. Opening the button of my jeans, he puts his hand inside my panties. I open my legs apart and push my back against the bench as he plays with my virgin pussy. His fingers caress the lips of my labia, and rub it up and down. I put my hand on top of his cock over his jeans and he too gets aroused. We kiss passionately and I really want to do more but I am scared. Many times I have had orgasm like this and I sometimes sit on top of him and sometimes pull him on top of me but with clothes. I rub my virgin pussy up an ddown his thigh and get very aroused. I really want to have sex but I do not how to go ahead.
I told the producer that I am ready to have sex with my boyfriend in front of the camera as I think it will make me bold as today. I am sure my boyfriend too will agree to this. I remember how big my uncle’s cock was and I know my boyfriend too has a huge dick as I have felt it through his pants. I cannot wait to have it move inside me. I want him to push into my hymen, break it and enter me with force, I will bear the pain. Right now I am shy but I am sure in front of the camera, I will feel like a star and will not have any problems. Maybe you too can then see it and enjoy the loss of my virginity and how I become a woman.