Sarah Pipetka. Have loved the way my fingers could turn on…

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She dreamed of her Prince coming on a white steed and rescuing her from the dragon. I am that girl.

My name is Sarah. I am a romantic, hopelessly dreaming of all the time. May be that is why I have such high expectations from the man who will take my virginity. I am 18 years old but still a virgin. I love myself, my body… and am waiting for the perfect man. I did my solo video for and now am feeling a little nervous…after all the excitement…have I done the right thing? I waited eagerly for one year to do this and I know this is what I wanted. I am always like this…always shy…a little introvert at times. I have never seen the ‘big life’ as I see in magazines. The studio gave me a feel of that and I am so happy for it.
My father brought me up a single parent. My mother ran away when I was a little girl. I feel he is still in love with her. After my mama left, he went through a very bad time. He started drinking heavily, stopped going to work. Oh, I forgot to say that my father has a small tea shop…a small restaurant so to say. At that time he was working with another person as a partner. Because of the drinking, he stopped paying attention and his partner went off with all the money, without paying the employees even. I was six years old then. Not old enough but still I could understand that things were not right. I missed my mother but especially missed my father’s smile. Slowly he fought and came out of it. Bosco Uncle, our neighbor and my father’s friend was a big support those days.
Once he got better, there was no stopping him. He got back on his feet… raised the money again and started off on a new restaurant…a small one but he was happy. I too learnt to manage the house. A lady came over to stay during the day and we managed. In school I was always very shy but a new girl came when we went to grade 5 and she changed my life. She too was being raised by just her mother so both of us got along very well. Alexis used to come over and stay overnight…and I used to go to her place. Our parents were so busy and engrossed with their emotions that they too felt good that we had company. It was Alexis who made me less shy and forced me to go out more and make friends. We used to go skating and hiking. Those were good days.
Our town was full of tourists who visited to see the beautiful churches. Many times, we would be asked to take pictures of the tourists as they posed with each other. I wondered where they came from, what they did in that place. I learnt English in school and was able to speak fluently so lot of them asked me for translations as well. One day, when we were in grade 9, Alexis told me she slept with someone…a man who was very handsome. Who is he? I asked. Is he from our school? She just smiled mysteriously and told me that she will introduce me to him later. My Alexis had fallen in love with a tourist! From New York! He was fair haired with twinkling blue eyes and listened attentively to all that we chattered about. He too was in love with her…or at least seemed to be. This was the first time I saw Alexis behaving like this! But soon it was time to go and he had to leave. Alexis as you can imagine was heart-broken.
They kept in touch through Facebook and Phone and then his account was disabled and she lost all contact. My strong Alexis just broke down. And then I made a plan. We will go to New York. Even if I can’t make Alexis’ love story into a reality, we will at least have fun. A senior girl from our city had earlier done a video for and she told me about it when she learnt that I was a virgin. I was extremely excited. This is a great way to earn some money. I have always loved my body…have loved the way my fingers could turn on my teenage nipples or do magic on my virgin clitoris. I have sat in front of a mirror at home and touched myself so many times. It would be a bit different the girl said but I was prepared for it. Heck, if the person is right, I may even like to lose my virginity in front of the camera. But first things first. I told Alexis about it and she too is excited. There was finally a purpose to life. We live just once. Let’s enjoy the ride!