Martina Vilaggio. Maybe soon, I will be more experienced as a woman…

I am an 18-year-old virgin from Hungary. I was from Veszprém and my parents still live there but now I stay in Budapest. I have dreams, and I am working hard to make them come true. When I got accepted for the shoot by, it was a big step for me! Cheers to a good life!

I ran away from home after school as I was getting suffocated with life there. My family is extremely orthodox in their religious views and they wanted me too to be like that! My parents work hard in lands owned by a monastery and along with a very small amount of money, they get a percentage of the vegetables. I used to help them out after school and sometimes they even made me miss school but I detested this life. I hated working like slaves while they thought it was a service to god.
One of my friends in school is the daughter of a local shop owner. She got a good amount of pocket money from her father. It was this friend that helped me with money when I ran away. It was also because of her that I got a taste of the outside world. I loved going to her house and reading the magazines with beautiful photographs. I saw beautiful people having a good time. At home, my parents and grandparents were very rigid. We had the same dinner and lunch every day. They believed variety and money was evil. I loved clothes and would wear them when I went out with friends. I got beaten by my father for getting a tattoo. I hated him for that. I wish to get more tattoos done as I really love the look of them on my skin.
As for boys, I never got to meet them much. My school mates were not allowed to come home… and I too was busy with work after school. I have seen a couple of my girlfriends making out with each other but this is not something I like. I look at boys but do not want to make the first move. A few boys have made passes at me but I do not feel they were serious. I am waiting for the right person to lose my virginity with. I am extremely scared of pain and would like someone with experience to penetrate my virgin pussy. The man of my dreams is strong and at the same time, gentle. HE should understand my feelings and care for me.
I had made my plans for running away quite a few months ago. I decided to come to Budapest as I thought I would get good breaks here. My friend from our town who had helped me had also given me some names. I kept those as the last resort. She had promised not to let my parents know and I wanted to keep my whereabouts a secret. Luckily, I got a job in a good plant nursery here in the city. I love plants and I got a good start. IT is run by a good couple who is paying me well.
I love my body and that is also another reason I love tattoos. I had discovered the pleasures of touching myself when I turned a teen. Touching myself in front of a mirror gives me an erotic sensation. Many times I have slept naked on my bed, touching my teenage tits, dreaming of the man who would take my virginity. My fingers would go in my virgin pussy, touching the spot that really arouses me. I love to masturbate without any clothes. Today, at the studio, my body felt so sensuous and I was very excited sexually. I loved doing it in front of someone. I had heard of orgasm but I do not know what it is really like. I could see the photographer getting aroused and I got a thrill.
Even though I love plants, I wish I could do some work with my body and this was a great opportunity for me. I am also eager to lose my virginity with someone selected for me from I closed my eyes and imagined what it would feel like when a big cock penetrated my virgin vagina and broke my hymen. An experienced man would know how to make it less painful. The producer also spoke to me after the video shoot regarding this and I was very happy to agree. I am also looking forward to going into movies and am sure that he will help me. The money I got for the shoot is much more than I get at the nursery and it will really help me. Maybe soon, I will be more experienced as a woman. I am looking forward!